The Four Horsemen (not the ones you think of)


Everyone has heard of the Four Horsemen of the Book of Revelations but this is a different set that I am talking about. These are ones that are more common and a lot scarier in some ways.

Now the traditional Four Horsemen are the White Horse for religious deception, the Red Horse for war, the Black Horse for famine and the Pale Horse for pestilence (epidemics and pandemics).

The Four Horsemen that I am talking about are Greed, Power, Influence and Domination. Now these may sound strange but I will explain and break them down for you.

Greed: Everyone has heard the old saying that ‘Money is Power’ – but why is that so true? Why do we have to have money? Why do some have more than others?

There are three basic forms of financial workings that we need to understand. The Classical, Neoclassical and Barter & Trade.

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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th


Why is Friday the 13th a special day, aside from the movie ‘Friday the 13th’ with Jason Voorhees on it. There is historical reason as well that we should remember as well. The reason is back history. Back to 1307.

This is a cautionary tale of the Knights Templars and what can happen when people with too much power get upset at a group. For those who want to see this as a conspiracy that is your right to do so but I will provide the links to the pages that will help with the story.

The Knights Templar was created in 1119 in Jerusalem, Israel. They were originally known as Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon. They were the Pope’s ‘warrior priest’ and they known to be the original banking system. They were known to have ‘secret’ initiation ceremonies. They had vast land holdings in Europe. They were known as the…

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Myth or Real …Sharks …

Myth or Real …Sharks …


What is the myth and what is real about sharks? Are they dangerous or misunderstood? What is the truth about Megladon? Did they go extinct or are they a Lazarus Taxon? Could climate change have brought them out of the deep? What is the truth? Why do we have the impressions that we do?

First off: my love for sharks started when my father let me watch Jaws as a kid. I became addicted to sharks and as my husband can tell you, I am very addicted to sharks.

I am addicted to learning something new. I am one of those people who has books in the house and will sit around reading and be taking notes on what is important to me. I love to find the strange things and ask why.

Sharks are some of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. They are apex predators and we…

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A Serial Killer or Misunderstood Creature

A Serial Killer or Misunderstood Creature


When I say a Serial Killer, people will think of Jack the Ripper or Jeffery Dahmer. If I say misunderstood creature, not too many people understand what I am talking about. Why is that? What is a misunderstood creature?

Too many people think of a serial killer as a person who kills and uses fear to make more people afraid. If I say a misunderstood creature, they don’t really care. But they should.

The fact is that a Serial Killer kills for the fear that it causes and to deal with the desire to control. The misunderstood creature will kill for food. The misunderstood creature is sharks. There are over 440 different types of sharks in the waters that we know of. ( ) Out of the 440, there are only about 20 types of sharks that are dangerous to humans. ( )

Let’s look at the reason…

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A Thank you to All Veterans


A true hero

I want to say thank you to all veterans that were willing to serve during the hardest times. The reason that I say this is that some of the most important people are willing to give all for their country. This was shown today when President Obama gave a young Captain the Metal Of Honor. The reason, he was willing to protect others by charging a person with a suicide bomb vest on. The Captain saved several lives on a foreign land, all to show that the American people do care.

The news showed it this morning when I woke up and it reminded me that there people who are willing to give all for this country. Now I understand that the people feel that we don’t belong in other countries but when you look around at the different things that are going on we need to…

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“You’re Fired!” … Who would you say that to?


This is one of those that I would love to be able to do. Now this is going to get into politics so be advised now.

If I had the power to do this to anyone and replace them with someone that I felt had the ability to do a better job than they would, I would do it. The thing is that I have high standards on some of the jobs and there are several who would be turning their noses a bright shade of brown, trying to keep their jobs. (Butt kissing 101 has begun)

The first one would be Donald Trump! Point blank. Point Simple! The reason is this, he has no experience the real world! He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and never has wanted anything. He has never done time in the military, (military school is different than the military), he…

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Permission to … Drill Sergeant?


This will show that the US Army is never quite done with anyone. For me asking permission to do things is something that I have never quite gotten rid of. we get used to doing within the first few days of basic training. This is one time that I had to leave what I want to do a blank because there is more than one thing that I want to do.

First off, I want to make sure that people understand that these are my personal feelings on things. The first one is that I would want to make sure that the people who need help, get it. people with disabilities aren’t that way because they want to be that way, it is life’s toss of the dice. When a person goes to get medical treatment, people shouldn’t be treated like they don’t know what is going on. People need…

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