Mentally Unfit to Serve… Updates at the Bottom!

America – we have a severe problem! The current President is Unfit to serve and if we don’t do something we are going to have a serious problems very soon. People need to see that things that are being done are against the Constitution of the United States.

Some people will say that I am a ‘Trump basher’ and it is not that, I am only pointing out what I see. I have seen what the hate can do, I have seen how people react to soldiers after having lived in an environment where they can’t speak freely. I was in Germany when I was in the Army and I remember the people that would see us in uniform and they were very formal and you could see the fear in them. Those same people could be seen relaxed when they saw us in civilian clothes but if they saw your military ID the same terror was there before.

We are seeing it now. Everything that is going on with Jewish community centers getting attacked and vandalized. People in Seattle woke up to see on one of the community centers the most sickening things in world.  This is so sickening due to the fact that the Holocaust is REAL HISTORY! There are people who still have the scars from when it happened. Having people disrespect the graveyards of people of different religions makes me sick.

 There are people who have done great things and been of non Christian religion and they deserve to have peace.

Mr. Trump has said that he wants to build a wall, they don’t work! He has tried twice and failed that there would be a band on specific groups of people. He claimed to care for veterans and those who have served yet the statements of that ‘We should have taken the Iraqi oil.’  That would cause another war and more veterans that would have to have services. Yet at the same time he wasn’t willing to go into combat himself.

A person who has the power that Mr Trump has needs to be sound in mind. I have not seen that. I have seen a person who is less stable than many that I know. The way that if he doesn’t get his way he acts like a child makes me want to tell someone to take him over their knee and give them a good swat and tell him that no means no.

When you look at what has happened as of late to this country you should see that the current President and most of the people in the White House are totally unfit to serve. They honestly seem to be going by the playbook of 1930’s Germany. Instead of burning down the White House they are setting a Political fire by wanting and stating that they are going to move the Embassy in Israel from where it is back to Jerusalem.

Are they honestly wanting to kill everyone in that part of the world? There are three monotheistic religions that all live and worship in the area. Do we really want to have all hell break loose due to someone has a messed up bug in their ass?!   

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Reality Time … Global Warming …

We need to wake up! We are heating up the planet more and more each year. The fact is that if we keep doing what we are we will be in major trouble and soon.




There was a saying that I grew up with, living in the Seattle Area: ‘A red sky at night meant a sailor delight and a red sky in the morning sailors take warning.’ Now it seems that every night it is red in the sky. Seattle has always been one of the places where we would rust better than we would tan because it would rain a good amount. I grew up in the area and trust me, there were times that it would get warm but never like recently.

Over the last few years, it has been getting warmer, sooner and longer. According to the average temperatures are between 37 and 79 degrees. (link below) We would rarely get above 88 degrees.

This is from and it shows something that is rather interesting. If you look at the dates, most are from 1990 and above. These are all days that got over 95 degrees. (link below). According the Seattle Times the Seattle area went 56 days in 2017 without rain. There was .02 inches of rain at the Sea-Tac International Airport and that was enough to break the dry streak. (link below) We average about 37.49 inches of precipitation in a year according to

So, you may be wondering why I am using Seattle as my guide for this post, like I said I grew up in the area. I remember when the lawns were green and now they aren’t as green and mostly a sick brownish color. I remember when we could have camp fires now we seem to have burn bans all the time.

When the weather heats up the polar ice melts. This is where the problem hits. The oceans regulate the temperature on the land. There are a series of currents that move the heat from the equator to the polar regions. When the warm water gets closer to places like the British Islands the water releases the heat and they stay warm in the summer and the cold water sinks to the bottom and goes like a giant conveyer belt back to the equator to get warm again.

The ice caps are vital to the process because they reflect sunlight back into space and we need that done. If the ice is gone, then there is no way to cool the water and release the heat. All the ice in the ice caps is fresh water so it would make the oceans less salty and that would cause the food chain to have a problem.

The ice reflects the sun light and the sea water will absorb the sun light. The warmer the water the faster the ice melts, the faster the ice melts the more sea water there is to absorb the sun light.




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E.P.A… Why do we need it?

The EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency is one of those agencies that we really need. There are those who don’t think that we need this government agency but here is some of the things that we need to remember about what the EPA does for us and how we can help.

First off, a bit of history on the EPA. The EPA was founded on 2 December 1970 by President Richard Nixon. The reason that it was created was the fact that there was concern about the environmental pollution. this site has a lot of really good information.

When you go outside and notice that the air has a gray or has an odd taste, that is the pollution that is in the air. The fact that the air we breathe may not be as clean as we think. The more trees that get cut down the more that the air suffers. The thing that we need to remember is that when people fill up their tanks on their cars there is more going on.

When we breathe dirty air, there are several medical conditions that can be caused. Aggravated respiratory disease such as emphysema, bronchitis and asthma, lung damage, even after symptoms such as coughing or a sore throat disappear, wheezing, chest pain, dry throat, headache or nausea, reduced resistance to infections, increased fatigue and weakened athletic performance ( )

Anyone feel like going for a walk right now?






Propaganda … 101

What is propaganda? How does it affect the world that we live in? How can it affect the masses around us?

What is propaganda?

Propaganda is the way a story is told. This will often be the extreme views of one group or person. It is often one of the most popular ways of changing the peoples point of view on something. Two of the three definitions of the word propaganda are: 2the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person 3: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause; also a public action having such an effect


How does it affect the world that we live in?

Propaganda is most commonly used to a degree during major political races. It will be one group trying to prove that the other group isn’t going to take care of the country the way the country needs. They will spin the story to make their version sound better than the other persons or party.

While there have been several instances of the problems that propaganda causes, these are the major three that I want to touch on. Each one will lead to the next and done in a different color. I will provide links for the information that I find.

World War I or the Great War:

When WWI also known as the Great War started propaganda was used to do a major recruitment drive. There were war themed postcards that had ‘patriotic slogans’. There were ‘war poems’ that were supposed to promote the war as patriotic and typecast the enemy as crude. {2} It was also used by the British and the Americans to promote recruitment into the military.

At the end of WWI, the legend of the Stab in the back was started. The people who signed the Treaty of Versailles were traitors. The reason was that the German Army had been repeatedly getting told that they were winning the war and when it ended the soldiers were told it was the Politian’s were the reason why. {3}

WWII and the Rise of Hitler:

When Hitler came to power he used the anger that was left over from WWI for a way to rise to power. This rise of power was by using a theory of there was two enemies. One internal, one external. Once he had that he used Joseph Goebbels to head the Propaganda. He did things like book burnings, taking over the newspapers to where what the Nazi party said was the only information out there.

Trump and the current Administration:

Trump is using the same tactics that were used during WWII. He made the enemy within being the ‘illegal aliens’ and the external enemies the people that want to come to the country for asylum and immigration. Using the racial slurs and making the people that are of Mexican or Central American decent seeming to be people who we shouldn’t trust. Using companies like Fox News and Hannity as his mouth peace to push the feelings that he has out to the public while attacking the press that doesn’t tell the story that he wants out as ‘fake news’.

The longer he stays in power the more damage that is done. Wanting to build a wall to protect the country that was created by immigration makes no sense. Yet the same tactics are being used. We need to see the truth for what it is. Shows like Hannity are nothing more than propaganda for Trump.








Why People Serve …

This is about the US Military. This will have different insights than most expect.

When people go into the US Armed Forces it is for several reasons. This is what we all have basically in common. We all made a choice to go in. There are people who do it because it is a family tradition, there are those who do it because they are headed down the wrong path, some do it to be rebel against something that their family expects.

What ever the reason, we all go through the wonderful fun of basic training. Over the years the training has changed but the simple fact that we all go through it is the same. The guys get haircuts, women must have their hair above the collar. Put it in a bun or cut it off! We all the same PT. We went through it all. The of us went through it. Weapons training, crawling through the mud, breaking down the weapons, cleaning them and putting them back together – personally I had the time of my life!


One of my favorite memories was the first day that I met my Drill Instructor. At the time I had my maiden name and what he did was a riot. Back then it scared the daylights out of a few people, but it worked. He had a small piece of Alka-Seltzer under his tongue and when he to the first person in the line up for our platoon and began to yell in their face – the foam came out. She freaked out and rightly so. Here is the person who is supposed to train us, and he is foaming at the mouth!

When we went in we learned a lot and some of the stuff that was taught not by books but by going through the hell that was Basic and AIT. We all learned that we could do things that we had never thought possible. We found out how hard work was done, how to find ways to do things that others said wasn’t possible.

When we got out, we were told that there special things for us since we had been willing to serve. Those of us that had medical problems were supposed to get the best medical at the Veteran Affairs Medical Centers. Those of us who needed retraining and had paid into the GI Bill were supposed to get help with going back to school. We were told that we had earned these things. The first time I went to the VA, I had to prove that I had served. It wasn’t the best medical service, but it has gotten better. Spending hours for appointments that should have been handled differently. Being given medications that reacted to others to the point that you feel like a test person instead of a patient.

There are a lot of things that have been good for those that have served. Pride is one, knowing that you were willing to do things that others weren’t is another and a special understanding of life. The challenge is that we have people who want to make things like the Medical Centers of the VA a privatized organization is wrong. People who want to say that a disability check from the VA is ‘unearned income’ and use it against you when trying to get help is wrong. There are veterans that need to be able to get on programs due to their medical issues and are told that they must prove that they are too messed up to work.

Some conditions don’t show up as a missing limb. Some people don’t have scars on the outside. These are the people that have served for this country and are being told that they are trying to ‘get free rides’ off the government – NOT A CHANCE! These are the people that have tried like hell to do the right thing and used all the training and skills that they were taught in the Armed Forces and are not able to keep going anymore.

These are the people that the current President is mocking and making fun of.

How do you learn?

Are you the type of person that learns by reading a book and sitting in a class room? Do you learn better if you are getting to watch as someone does the job? Do you learn best by playing with the thing that you need to learn about, being able to break it and put it back together several times?

I love making things by hand. I am they type of person who can look at a problem with electronics and usually figure it out. I have done this more than once and some people are wanting to know how I can do it. There are several ways that people can learn things.

I have always seen people that can read a book and instantly understand it or have a basic grasp of it. I have never had any luck with being able to do anything like that. I love to read but I must do it several times to understand it. I have seen people who can honestly understand things this way.

I have seen those who can watch a person on a screen on how to do something and totally understand it. They can see if the different ways that things are supposed to work. It can be in banking or customer service or tech support. These are the people that never seem to pay attention to detail when the classes are going on.

I am the person that if a person has a cell phone that isn’t working, I can walk them through the basic troubleshooting, but I do better when I have the phone in my hands. I have a way to feel what is wrong. I can take it apart and find out what is wrong or get into the settings without a problem and see what the challenge is.

There are some people that can use basic common knowledge and common sense to make things work. There are people like myself that did less than perfect in school, but I can I do things with electronics that others don’t understand. I have been able to fix a person’s cell phone by telling them how to reset the phone, that they need to do things like charge it (yes that must be done) and have others who feel that they are better than me since I am a female and shouldn’t know how to do the things I can.

I don’t have a degree in tech, I learn by taking things apart and put them back together again.

Twist of Fate …

This one is a rather interesting one to think about. It starts with a rather strange story. I used to be on Facebook several years ago and was friends with some people that are well known. I am keeping their names out of it because I don’t have their permission to use it.

When one of their kids and I had become good friends talking on line, they asked if I would be an ‘internet mom’ to them. I don’t think that they were expecting the answer they got. I told them I would be a mother to them providing they understood and I got a separate message from their real mother saying it was ok. Sounds strange but there is a reason that I said that. It shows respect to the family that I am and was willing to be a sounding board for their child, but the parents had to know that they were talking with me about things.

About three months later I was talking with another person who was a friend and neighbor of theirs and they weren’t thinking straight. I saw that the young lady and her siblings were on the net, so I put a message that I needed to get in touch with their parents. When I was able to a few moments later, I explained what was being said and going on with their friend and could someone please check on them. They did and kept the person safe.

Now the reason for that story was I got off Facebook due to the fact there was too many problems for me when I was trying to do job searches (before my disability took hold too severely). I found that it was easier to stay off and go to other sites like Twitter to communicate.

I found someone who is like a best friend to me even though we never have met in person. We can talk and when I need a good reminder that life likes to throw curve balls at me that there is fun in the world. I have been able to find a way to help others by writing these.

When you look at the people around you, there might be problems that you don’t see. Try talking with someone that you haven’t seen in ages. If you see a person who looks sad take the time to make sure they are ok. A police officer on a hot day, take him a bottle of water and say thanks for the work they do.

It will surprise you on how they react. Most people fear others due to the fact that they aren’t sure how someone outside their own nice little group will react but we need to go out and talk to those that are outside the comfort zone to learn how others feel.

When the heat strikes …

With summer being here and the heat that comes with it I thought that this would be a good time to remind people of some things to do or use to stay safe in the heat. This goes for our pets as well.

While people like to show off their figures here is a tip for you: wearing loose clothes will help keep you cooler. When you have skin tight clothes on it keeps the heat that your body is trying to get rid of close to the skin. If you wear loose and flowing clothes the air can get under them and help cool your body.

Drink lots of fluid – now there is a difference between fluid types. You want to avoid things with alcohol since it will help dehydrate you. At the same time limit the amount of caffeine that you take in. If you are thirsty drink water, Gatorade or something that will calm the thirst but at the same time the body can use. While ice cold sounds wonderful, it will put your body into a form of shock and cause you to feel hotter, so room temp is best. If you have a dog or cat, don’t put ice in their water! There have been animals that have passed away from the shock to their systems due to the massive temp change. Give them a shaded area to rest.

Check on your neighbors that are disabled. The people that are older and disabled may not realize that they are in as much danger.

This one will sound strange but if you haven’t used the restroom to pee drink water! The same with doing something outside and not sweating! The human body has a very specific way of getting the core temp down and that is to sweat – if you aren’t then there is the danger of dehydration.

Signs to watch for:


Dark-colored urine (a sign of dehydration)





Muscle or abdominal cramps

Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

Pale skin

Profuse sweating

Rapid heartbeat


Be safe and enjoy the summer

If you ran for President…

If you ran for the highest office in the USA how would you do it? Who could you trust? Who would you hire around you?

America is a Democratic country. We all can use our voice and our vote to make this country better. We can do that by some of the best things for the country by working to get people in the offices that stand for what we believe in.

If you did run for an office, start small. The more you can do and get your voice out the better. I do things like blogging to get the truth out.

Permission to … sir?

This is one of those that people need to understand that the following statements are my opinion only.

1st opinion is that there are people who need to understand that there is no special race, there is no ‘master race’ there is no ‘privilege race’. We are all humans! Our DNA is the same. When people put others down because the color of their skin they are putting themselves down! Reality check we are all humans!!!!

2nd opinion When people are putting others down because they not born in the United States – they need to remember the history of the country! The European people came over and decided that those who lived here needed to be destroyed so they could feel safe. They brought over illnesses and the fact is that the native people had tried to help for some time and then they were seen as savages and people went out and destroyed them for being different.

3rd opinion In Europe in the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century people of different religious beliefs started getting targeted for hate crimes. We ended up in a Second World War due to the behavior that was being done.

4th opinion The current person in the White House is trying to do this again. Trump wants to build a wall at the southern border and has been targeting the Muslim people and showing that they have no idea what they are doing with the power that they have.

Walls don’t work! They separate families. We need to work together to make this country better for all. Trump is not doing this. Trump is trying to destroy this country. We have been there before! We are losing the country that is so valuable to the world. We need to protect the free press {They are not the enemy!!!!} We need to protect the special council!!! Special Council Mueller is going a hell of a lot faster than most.


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