Music of the times…

When you listen to music what do you feel? Does it calm you? Remind you of your childhood? What do you listen to? Is it the old school rock and roll, the music of the 80’s, or the modern music that is popular today?

I have grown up in the time of bands like Def Leppard, Ozzy Osborne, Jane’s Addiction, AC/DC and others. While people were doing things like listening to the softer stuff, I have always been into hard rock. The kids I grew up with were the ones that thought it was strange that I enjoyed that.

Some stuff that you might not realize. The reason that the band Black Sabbath was named that way due to the fact that Ozzy had noticed that people liked to watch scary movies so they decided to write scary songs. The movie that was playing in a nearby movie house was ‘Black Sabbath’ so they used it.

Over the years other bands have followed in their footsteps. Now there are several types of music that claim to be rock. There are the ones that are only about hate and violence, the glam bands of the 80’s, the old school, and the ones that are so far out there that they are called acid rock.

People try to blame the music for what people do but it should be the other way around. The music is influenced by the things that go on in the world. While people feel that music of the nature that I listen to is destructive, there is a different side to it. The bands that speak of things that have happened in the past, are trying to warn us. Have you ever listened to the words of the music that you favor? What does it talk about? How does it affect you?


The Land We Live In…

The land that we live in is a special one. We have the ability to think outside the what everyone else does and we can’t get in trouble for voicing our opinions. The people that want to run this wonderful land are trying to say that there are those who don’t belong here for what ever reason; the color of their skin; religious beliefs; the language that they speak but this country was built and founded on being special and different.

Think about it, we rebelled against England. We were able to get our freedom to think, speak, and feel the way we want. I listen to those in politics and wonder why they feel that they are better than us? Does the person that has more money than someone one else more important than another?  Does the color of the person’s skin mean that they are better than someone of a different color? Not in the least. We are all worth the same, it doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, in the eyes of the creators that we believe in we are all the same.

Congratulations to a friend!

Help our heroes The American Legion. I have a very special friend who has been through everything with me as of late. He is the person that has stood beside me when I have felt the lowest and has been the person that is the most like a father to me. The American Legion is one of those groups that I have the pleasure of working with. When I have had the bad and the good times they have been here. Now the person that  means so much to me has gotten the new posting that he worked so hard for.

To Commander Broe, thank you for all the support and congratulations on the new posting.

If you have a person that has been going through something that is hard or stressful, let them know that you are proud of them. They will surprised and it will let them know that you care.


An alarm clock from the time before digital.

Time, everyone has the same amount but the way that it is used is what is important. How do you spend your time? What is of value to you to take extra time on something?

I have had people tell me that my values are off but I don’t know, maybe I am old school or strange. When I have free time and want to do something, I prefer to be with my husband and people I consider friends. While doing things like video games is fun, the people and creatures are what I care about the most.

I don’t spend every minute of everyday plugged into social media, I would rather play with the two cats that I have than be on a computer. When I am at work then I am on the computer but when I am home it is time for family and friends.

Why is that so strange to some? My oldest daughter would rather talk to a person on Skype or through Facebook than sit down and have a dinner with them. Me? I would prefer a home cooked meal of real foods with family than a conversation on a computer.

For the longest time humans did that. Families would work as a team to make sure the food was grown and then have a nice dinner.  Even as  a young kid, I remember having dinner every night. My parents both worked but they still had the time to sit down and eat.

I have seen the times change. No longer can we do the routine of sitting down at a set time for a family dinner. Now the family dinner is fast food or people on their smart phones.

What about you? How do you spend your free time?

Haunted Houses…

112 Ocean Ave

Myth or Fact:

Are haunted houses a myth or are they real?  We have different beliefs of what happens when you pass, but my question is why do some stay in a location and others go on.

Many think that the soul of a person will stay in the location until the crime that killed them was solved. Others say that the spirit will pass on, others say that doorways could be done with talking boards.

What do you think? Lets take the Amityville House. What do you think? There are people that say that it was done in a rage, others say the devil made him do it, who knows?

Thank you

When was the last time you said ‘Thank You’ to your parents? Why would you? What about a person from the military? Or a police officer?

The reason that I ask is that those two words can make the difference to them. They may not feel that you care and while saying those two words will show that you care.

I know that it sounds strange but without your parents you wouldn’t be here. The person in the military is willing to give all to protect your freedoms that you have.

The next time you have a chance, say thanks. The reaction might surprise you.

The National Anthem

The words that we need to remember

Every major sports event you hear it, every military event you hear it but what do you know of it.

It is known that Francis Scott Keys wrote the words but did you the melody was originally an English Social Club song?

The history of the Anthem was that during a conflict Mr. Keys was so inspired by what he saw that he wrote a poem to show the respect of what he saw. Later, it was added to the tune and it wasn’t until the early 20th century before it became the national anthem.

Red, Black, White, Yellow, Brown

What do these have in common aside from being colors? What do they mean in the US?

A lot of people don’t realize that they stereo type people into the basic categories above. How do they do it? The color of their skin. Look at the people around you, what is the first thing you see … the color of their skin. It has been this way since the beginning of time.

Red: when people think of someone who is of native American they will often say that they are a red man. The reason is that when the Americas were found the Native Americans were considered to be red, savages.

Black: Most African Americans are considered by most people to be black, under educated and that is so wrong. The person who holds the highest office in this country has been criticized as being less intelligent than he is due to the color of his skin. I remember and still hear the people say that the President wasn’t born in the US and that he isn’t a true American due to the fact that he is of a different color than they feel he should be.

White: Most people of the European nations are considered to be white in color. Some have chosen to use that color as a way to make themselves feel like they are better than others. They have tried time and time again to make those of a different color feel less important.

Yellow: People of the Asian countries are often referred to as that. Why? They aren’t yellow in color, some of the oldest cultures in the world and people chose to put them down.

Brown: those of Hispanic nationality often have to deal with this label for what ever reason. They are often some of the hardest workers and again some of the oldest cultures are there.

The thing is that the difference between all these people is one gene in the DNA string. It is just like the reason that some have blue eyes and some have green.

We are all people, the blood is no different between us. We need to take the blinders off and see the truth.

What we do…

When you get off work, what do you do? Once you get home, eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed? Who is waiting for you? Are you married or single?

I had to think about that for a while before I sat down to write this. I realized that things have changed from the time I was growing up and now. When I was growing up, when my parents were done with work we all sat at the table and had a nice dinner. My mom ran a daycare in our house and my dad worked in a wood mill. We would sit down and have dinner, my older brother and I would do the dishes and we talked. On the weekends there was no watching cartoons all day, or sleeping till ten never happened. We would have to get up and have breakfast together and after chores (yes we had chores) we would go outside and play. There was no cell phones, internet or even computers.

I look at the way my daughter behaved after she came back from living with family in California. She wouldn’t get up before ten in the morning, expected things that were outrageous and ask her to do the dishes, she would say that we were treating her unfairly.

When she left my house, she told me she would be violent against me if I ever raised my voice at her again. I remember being a kid and if I didn’t do the dishes, I got in trouble. There wasn’t taking a video game being taken away, it was a swat on the backside. There was not being able to go out to the mall with friends, it was having to stay inside and fold laundry.

What happened to our families? When did the kids get so much power that they can go to the school and say something that isn’t true and the parents get in trouble? I have loved history for years and are other times that people have been behaving this way. It caused a lot of problems.

I see the kids today that feel that they can do nothing wrong and guess what, they are wrong. Kids become so spoiled that they honestly think that if they have to do the dishes that it is abuse.

I grew up with chores. I learned how to do laundry, dishes, cook real food and read a book. I still use paper and pen to do story writing. While I work in tech, I still love to spend time with my family and pets. Playing with the cats with yarn that I am using to make a crochet blanket are some of the best times I have.

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