What do you really know…

What do you really know about one of scariest animals on the planet … sharks.

The fact is there are so many things that we don’t know about the sharks, yet we kill so many of them for what … soup? The fact is that the largest fish in the world is the WHALE SHARK. What do they eat … the smallest thing in the oceans. It is called plankton. While they are over 40 feet long, humans can safely swim with them. The worst that they might do is smack you with their tails.

So why do sharks have such a bad reputation? Part of it is human nature, who wants to be eaten by something that they can’t see. Part is the legends of the old. The sharks have always been there, some that were totally strange and others seem to make sense.

In 1916, the US found out that sharks were around. The belief was that the sharks stayed in the warm areas and away from people. That summer five people were attacked in New Jersey. Four died from it. The fear suddenly came around that the people weren’t the masters of the water. Three of the attacks happened in a creek, which means that there is a good chance that a bull shark was involved in the attack.

The next but less well known fact is that the USS Indianapolis crew spent 5 days in the water and almost 600 died from the sharks and their injuries. The crew was rescued but the captain was court marshalled due to failing to zig-zag during war time. The USS Indianapolis was the heavy cruiser that took the Hiroshima bomb to Tinnin.  She was on her way to get ready for the invasion of the Japanese homeland.

When the movie Jaws came out, the fear went through the roof. Soon people began to realize that if the top predator of the ocean was removed then there were other creatures that would get out of control.

Now the top predators are starting to come back and people are feeling that they are too dangerous … but who is more dangerous a person who kills for fun or an animal that does it to survive.

We as a species kill about 10 million sharks a year for their fins or due to the fact that someone has been hurt. The sharks, on average between 75 to 80 people get bit and very few die from them.

Think about it, what would you do if you had no hands to tell if something was healthy to eat, most would use their teeth – hmmmm sounds like the sharks doesn’t it.


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