What Makes a Hero?

What makes a person a hero? Do they have to be a person with super powers? No.

A person can be a hero by doing their daily life. Look at some of our people in the world today. Who would you consider? The President? He is one for more than one reason. He not only runs the US, he is a father. Being a father is harder than being a corporate officer.

What about the soldiers in the military? Whether you like them or not, they are heroes in their own way. Those are the people who are willing to put their lives on the line for a country that they believe in. The color of their skin doesn’t matter, it is what is in their heart that does.

I was reading an article on CNN and it was about Donald Trump saying that Senator McCain isn’t a ‘war hero’. Senator McCain may think differently than I do on many things but to say that a person who was a prisoner of war during a conflict that most of the country didn’t like isn’t a hero … personal opinion here but they need their head checked.

There are those who act like the people that serve are lower in class and status than them, it is the other way around. They are the people who would and are willing to give everything for this country.

I hear the people that are trying for the office of the President of the US, most don’t know what it is like to be hungry for food, worry about how to make their rent. There should be a requirement that they have spent time that is supervised in the conditions that most of us do.

To All the Veterans, I say thank you from a veteran.


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