Mt. Rainier

The Icon of the Pacific NW

Mt. Rainer,

She sits just outside Seattle. One of the icons of the Pacific Northwest. Her Native American name is Tahoma. The natives speak of a sleeping giant under her. One day she will wake up and the people will find she is more than a beauty that sits in the back yard.

There are towns that sit on the lahar plain from one of her last eruptions. Now the towns of Orting, Puyallup, parts of Tacoma are in her path. Her last major eruption was in 1894.

When Mt St Helens went in 1980, we learned a lot. Now we have a chance to put those things into practice. The town  of Orting has in their eyes, 40 minutes to get to high ground. The USGS has put special things in place to give them as much warning as possible.

Will it be enough? Harry Truman wasn’t willing to leave Mt. St Helens, and the state gave in to the local land owners. Will they again?


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