Names and Images

Close up of Great white shark tooth

Have you ever wondered about names and images that are out there? Think about it for a moment, what would you think the last name Anderson means? Originally it meant the son of Ander. So lets look at some of the other names and what they could mean?

When you hear the words ‘Great White Shark’ you think of the movie Jaws. But what about it’s scientific name ‘Carcharodon carcharias‘ believe it or not it means ragged tooth. Think about it, have you ever seen a tooth from one? The image above is one.  So the scientific name makes sense. The interesting thing is that they have about as many nerve endings in their teeth as we do in our hands. So when they bite, they are able to tell if we have what they need to survive in calorie wise. That is the reason that most of the time we get spit out. Humans are too boney.

We need to preserve these animals or the oceans are in trouble.


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