We all have choices that we make everyday. Do we walk to work or drive? Do we have coffee or tea? The thing is that the choices are the variable that makes us special.

Lets look at some choices that have been made over the years and how they affect the world today.  Let’s take the 20th century and some of the major things that have happened and how they cause things to be the way that they are today.

When we were in the 1920’s it was against the thought of people that there would be a second war after the ‘Great War’ and the even though there were warning signs. When Germany was forced to sign the Treaty that ended the first World War, there were over 400 clauses to punish Germany. When you make people feel punished and it is that bad there then they are going to be looking for someone to say ‘I will bring the pride back.’ In Germany that was Hitler. What was the result, 11 million people died due to their beliefs.

So you may think that we have learned the lessons of that time. But the fact that others still choose to believe that what happened was a good thing. America has dealt with it ever since the end of the Civil War.

Now those people that are trying to get the highest office in the United States are making statements that are so wrong. They want to be the representative of the people then they should have to deal with the things that the people have to. What does a person who has money all their life know about the person that is working hard trying to make things a bit better for their family.

I would love to see some of the people that feel that they are representatives of the people in country actually have to go through. I would love to see someone who wants to run for some of the offices that they do have to live in locations where the people have to work. Not be allowed to access their money that they currently have, have no credit cards, and see them make it.

As an Veteran, I have seen the damage from the bullets in Germany, I have seen the people that were happy to have survived the camps. They were the ones that I could honestly see would have enough insight to say this is right or wrong to do.

We need to have respect for those who have learned the hard lessons.


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