An alarm clock from the time before digital.

Time, everyone has the same amount but the way that it is used is what is important. How do you spend your time? What is of value to you to take extra time on something?

I have had people tell me that my values are off but I don’t know, maybe I am old school or strange. When I have free time and want to do something, I prefer to be with my husband and people I consider friends. While doing things like video games is fun, the people and creatures are what I care about the most.

I don’t spend every minute of everyday plugged into social media, I would rather play with the two cats that I have than be on a computer. When I am at work then I am on the computer but when I am home it is time for family and friends.

Why is that so strange to some? My oldest daughter would rather talk to a person on Skype or through Facebook than sit down and have a dinner with them. Me? I would prefer a home cooked meal of real foods with family than a conversation on a computer.

For the longest time humans did that. Families would work as a team to make sure the food was grown and then have a nice dinner.  Even as  a young kid, I remember having dinner every night. My parents both worked but they still had the time to sit down and eat.

I have seen the times change. No longer can we do the routine of sitting down at a set time for a family dinner. Now the family dinner is fast food or people on their smart phones.

What about you? How do you spend your free time?


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