Music of the times…

When you listen to music what do you feel? Does it calm you? Remind you of your childhood? What do you listen to? Is it the old school rock and roll, the music of the 80’s, or the modern music that is popular today?

I have grown up in the time of bands like Def Leppard, Ozzy Osborne, Jane’s Addiction, AC/DC and others. While people were doing things like listening to the softer stuff, I have always been into hard rock. The kids I grew up with were the ones that thought it was strange that I enjoyed that.

Some stuff that you might not realize. The reason that the band Black Sabbath was named that way due to the fact that Ozzy had noticed that people liked to watch scary movies so they decided to write scary songs. The movie that was playing in a nearby movie house was ‘Black Sabbath’ so they used it.

Over the years other bands have followed in their footsteps. Now there are several types of music that claim to be rock. There are the ones that are only about hate and violence, the glam bands of the 80’s, the old school, and the ones that are so far out there that they are called acid rock.

People try to blame the music for what people do but it should be the other way around. The music is influenced by the things that go on in the world. While people feel that music of the nature that I listen to is destructive, there is a different side to it. The bands that speak of things that have happened in the past, are trying to warn us. Have you ever listened to the words of the music that you favor? What does it talk about? How does it affect you?


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