The Land We Live In…

The land that we live in is a special one. We have the ability to think outside the what everyone else does and we can’t get in trouble for voicing our opinions. The people that want to run this wonderful land are trying to say that there are those who don’t belong here for what ever reason; the color of their skin; religious beliefs; the language that they speak but this country was built and founded on being special and different.

Think about it, we rebelled against England. We were able to get our freedom to think, speak, and feel the way we want. I listen to those in politics and wonder why they feel that they are better than us? Does the person that has more money than someone one else more important than another?  Does the color of the person’s skin mean that they are better than someone of a different color? Not in the least. We are all worth the same, it doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, in the eyes of the creators that we believe in we are all the same.


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