DNA: Do Not Assume …


When I say DNA people think of the stuff that makes us who we are, and in a way that is partially what this about. When I think of it, I also think ‘Do Not Assume’. The reason is that assumption is one of the biggest mistakes that any person can make. There are so many variables in any thing you do that to assume you know them all is a big problem.

I will give you some examples of what I mean – If you hear that a store was robbed – what are the first things that go through your mind – African American – drugs – booze – or gangs.  I am not saying that it is all those aspects are true or false, it is how most of us are trained to think.  Look at what has happened in the past: A mother killed her kids and when she went to the police what did she say ‘A black guy stole her car and kids’. Her name was Susan Smith and it happened in South Carolina. The year was 1994 and the entire country was thinking it was true.

We now have President Obama and there are people who try to say he isn’t an American and even though he has provided his birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii, they still say that it isn’t true. Why what is the reason for it? He has tried to make things better for this country. He has gone against the status of the normal. He doesn’t belong to one of the rich families, he has worked to make things better.

Another assumption is that to live in America you have to speak English … The fact is that America has no official language. When this country was founded it was for all people.

Another example that is very true today: people for the longest time have said that we can’t hurt this planet, it is too big. They have said that Volcanoes put out more greenhouse gasses than we do, they have said that cow farts do the same thing, they look at everything but the one thing that they should – the humans that don’t think of what they do.

I am not saying that everyone is to fault, that would be an assumption. The question then becomes when do we say no to the oil companies that want to start trying to take oil out of the Artic. When do we say the one person per car has to become 3 per car? When do we say that nature is more important than someone’s bottom line?

We are already suffering the effects of the planet heating up. Not to many people know of the country of Tuvalu. They are a small island nation and guess what their highest point from the water is 16 feet. They are in the middle of the Pacific and they suffer from the storms that are getting worse.

Take time to look at what you are doing and how you can help others, we live on this world together and need to find ways to help those that need it without the stereo types added.

People don’t want to be on the system, getting aid or being labelled as not part of the real world.  We are all part of the real world and we need to work together.


The Game of…

Litany of Fear

If you were told that life is nothing more than you make it, what would you make it? Me? Life is a game and it is how you play it that matters in the long run. Everything you do is by  two things choice and will.

Let me explain what I mean, to get up and go to this site, you made a choice to turn on your computer, I didn’t make you do it, your free will did. It is a matter of choice if you go to work or stay home. If the wrong choice is made then you have to play the hand you have. If the right choice is made then again you play the hand you have.

Those who make the right choices they have the rewards that come with it, those who make the wrong choices deal with the troubles that come with it.

I heard a pair of rhythms long ago and have found them to be true on more than one time in my life. Both are from the original movie of ‘Dune’. One goes ‘It is by will alone I set my mind in motion, thoughts acquire speed, speed becomes sustained, it is by will alone I set my mind in motion.’ The other one deals with fear and how you deal with it. It goes: ‘I shall not fear, fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death that will bring total obliteration. I shall face my fear, let it pass over and through me, turn the inner eye and only I remain.’

What do they mean? If I set my mind in motion and my thoughts speed up then the fear is going to be less. There are things in movies that will help with life. When you watch them look for what can help you and what the deeper meaning might be.

Truth be told

Wernher Von Braun
Albert Einstein

The truth be told, I find the ones that I post about the human spirit and nature are fun to write but a challenge too. I believe that the human spirit can be a powerful motivator or a severe downfall if we aren’t careful. Time and time again the human species has made giant leaps forward followed by steps backwards.

When the great ones have been here there has been peace for the most part, followed by severe and dangerous steps backwards. Not all the great people of our times have been in the world of politics, they have been those who have been able to think outside the box.

If you look through history you will see a name here or a different name there that by themselves don’t mean much but when you put all the parts together, the picture becomes very different.

Here is a strange bit of information for you: Albert Einstein was a patent clerk in a small office when he wrote his theory. Wernher Von Braun wanted to be able to put a person in space. Both were German. What is the connection? The bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Albert Einstein had come to America when his Jewish beliefs put him in danger during the 1930’s. Wernher Von Braun was forced to work for the German Government at the time. When he saw that Germany was going to loose he went to the allies with the information he had about the V2 rockets and they brought him to safety.

Now you have two of the brightest minds working to find a way to end the war in the Pacific and history happened.


The Crucifix used by Pope John Paul II
From a Buddha statue

What do symbols mean? When you see certain ones, how do you feel? What do you really know about the symbols in our world?

When you see the pitchfork what do you think? The Devil? What about the fact that the pitchfork is a variation of the Trident? Poseidon is often seen with his Trident coming up from the water.

When you think of a holy family, you think of the virgin mother and the baby Christian god, but what about Isis holding Horus?

What about the  Krummkreuz or crooked cross? You may not know it in German but the English name is the Swastika. Do you know that it is found on Buddha statues, used in Native American religions or found in other parts of the world?

These are some of the symbols that we see everyday. The feelings that we feel are influenced by what we see. When you see a rainbow, you often will think of the promise to not flood the world, not the science.

We have made many improvements in the world, but at what cost? People have become so closed there are things that are missed. Open your eyes and see the world for the majesty that is there.

What has happened before…

From the 60’s

Ever heard the saying ‘What has happened before will happen again.’ There are those who don’t believe it can happen but it does.

There is proof everywhere, look around. How many remember the bell bottoms of the 1970’s? My daughter didn’t believe that I wore them when they were the ‘latest’ fad in the 2010’s. When I showed her pictures she was suddenly no longer wanting to wear them.

Fashion aside, look at what is being said in the political world today? People saying that those who aren’t born to a family that has been established in the  US  need to go – look back in history … we have been there before. When I say we I mean the world, it started in Germany and spread. What did we get … people being destroyed for their religious beliefs. Now they are saying those that are from Mexico are the problem … why? There is crime and corruption in every type of people.

If you think about it, this country was meant to be a mixing pot of cultures, of people yet time and time again groups of people are singled out for the color of their skin, the language that they speak, or due to a challenge that they may have.

To those who want to rule this country, they need to understand it. They need to understand that we all are special in our own ways and even though we don’t have money or a certain hair color or speak a certain way, telling someone they have to leave because their parents tried to give them a better life is wrong.

The politicians need to live in the real world, the one of working eight to ten hours a day, struggling to find enough money for food, wondering if they are going to get a good nights sleep due to the noise in their apartments from their neighbors.

Walk a year in the regular person’s shoes and then run for office and see how things can change.

The Spirit….

Throne of the Christian God

When I say the spirit, what do you think? Religion? What kind of religion if any do you believe in?

There are two forms of the spirit that I believe in, one is the one that is in our body … better known as our soul. It is the one that makes us who and what we are. There is a second one that has to face whomever we believe in as our guardians. Whether it is the Christian God, The Jewish one or Islam there is a day that we all have to come forward and explain our lives.

I have been challenged in more than one way in my life … some say I shouldn’t be here but I am. According to the doctors I have been dead a total of four times at least in my life.

The interesting thing is that each time I have been in that position, I have seen Anubis, standing next to me and I get told it is not my time and to come back. Why would a person like me, Army Veteran, person with challenges, be saved this way? What should I be doing that I am not?

Those that know of the ancient world say I belong back in those times. The habits that I have, the belief systems all show that I don’t belong in this time. Yet here I am. Could there be something that I should be doing that I am not.

Some people think that this world is all there is, their behavior shows it. I have always felt that in the end I will have to weigh my soul against what I have done and there will be a time to explain all.

Would your heart tell the good or the bad? Would those that have been in your life tell the good or the bad? How would it go for you?


German Flag

What if I told you Germany is one of the youngest countries in the world? It is true, would you believe me?

Germany became a country in 1871. It became a country when France won in the Franco-Prussian war. Several of the German princes decided that it needed to be it’s own country and Wilhelm of Prussia became the Emperor of the Greater German Empire at the time.

Germany has created many great things and people over the years, they have also done some of the worst things too. Albert Einstein was German and a person who believed in peace. He came to the US during WWII due to the fact that his religious beliefs were being discriminated against by a good portion of the German people. Anne Frank was from Germany.

I hear people today say that the Concentration Camps were made up to make Germans look bad, I have seen them. I got to meet the survivors when I was stationed there. They are real. The people who suffered and passed away there need to be remembered.

There is a saying that those who forget the past are bound to repeat it. I can understand not wanting people to mix nationalities or other things, they have pride in who they are. There is no way to remove a system of belief by destroying its followers. They will return, and those who do it will be looked on as criminals.

Remember that we are a world of different races, different beliefs, and different cultures … we need to embrace them.

Something to Believe in…

I watch the people around me and often wonder what they believe in. I see those who spend more time on their cell phones texting others when they are at work, those who feel the world owes them something and wonder where we are headed.

I have had challenges all my life, to me life is a test. When I see the homeless sleeping on the side of the street I have to make a choice … do I help them or walk away. That choice shows what I believe in. It doesn’t matter if the person is disabled or just down on their luck, they need help and I have always felt that everyone can do better.

I was listening to a song and it reminded me that there is more to life than the here and now. It comes down to what you believe in.

I have shared the song for the simple reason that it has a message in. We all need something to believe in, what is yours? Mine is that people can do better, it all comes to choice.

The Vatican…

How much do you really know about The Vatican City in Rome?

There is a lot that people don’t know about it. The most common one is the fact that Benito Mussolini was the one that made it a country. That is a true statement. When Mussolini took over power in Italy in 1922 he knew that the Catholic Church held sway over a large amount of people. To keep the people on his side and show that he wasn’t a ‘bad’ person he made the Vatican it’s own country in 1929.

The Vatican will hold the writings of any person that writes to the pope in the pope’s personal documents for about 100 years. They have letters from President Lincoln and Confederate President Jackson. The interesting thing is the way that they were written. President Lincoln’s was a formal ‘political’ letter while Jackson’s was one of the personal suffering of the Civil war.

The fact that there is no autopsy done on a Pope is something that leaves to many things to chance. Pope John Paul the 1st was only in office for 33 days. When he passed there were rumors as there are today he was killed, due to the laws however there was no autopsy done and it will never be known.

There have been things that have been thought of as myth for a long time and while I don’t claim to know them all it is something that is of an interest to many.

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