What makes a family? Does it have to be a man and a woman? Do the kids have to be born to the people to be part of the family? Why has the idea of a family gotten so strange?

I see on the news people saying that people in the same sex relationships shouldn’t be allowed to have kids through adoption. Now I know that people who believe in the Christian faith feel that it should be a man and a woman, but why? Who says a same sex relationship can’t give the love that the children need? Why can’t two women bring a good children up in the world? How many kids are wanting to be adopted and I don’t see what the difference is?

I got raised in a Hispanic Caucasian home and I know that there is more to raising a child than being a donor of DNA to be a parent. I have done the single parent routine so I know how hard it is. The fact is that if I had stayed with my child’s blood father I probably would be dead.

Why do I bring family’s up? I thought that it was important that people see how we have changed. When I was brought up, we had quarters to call home not a cell phone. If we wanted something to do on a rainy day it was read a book, not an x-box 360. When we had to do work for school, we used a pencil and paper. Today if a child doesn’t have the most basic of computers at home then it is called child abuse. If a child doesn’t get what they want they threaten to tell the state that we are abusing them. Kids don’t blow up when you say no to them.

Think of how you were raised and then how the kids of today are being raised and ask where did the family go?


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