What the heck….

Seal of the President 1945

There is a reason I named this ‘What the heck…’ and that is I honestly wonder what some people are thinking. I was listening to the ‘Debate’ on Fox news and some of the stuff worried the daylights out of me. I will try to not get to graphic on some things but I was not happy with what I heard.

I believe life is special, to me it is sacred. Yet if a person suffers a violent crime and ends up with a child, should the mother suffer for the entire pregnancy with a child of the person who attacked her? What if the mother’s life is in danger? Who says who’s life is more important … the mother or the unborn child? I heard people say that there are medications to help keep the mother alive but at what cost? Do they cause defects in the child?

Over and over it was how bad President Obama’s medical reform was but no one said what they would provide in it’s place? I kept hearing that the government is out of touch with the people and while I feel it is that way in some aspect there are others that it is not.

If you build a wall to keep people out, what is to stop them from making a tunnel? What is going to stop them from getting on a small boat and going around the wall? Yet that was what some felt would keep people from coming illegally. The more you tighten your fist the more water will slip through your fingers. Putting a wall is only going to cause other ways to open up.

I kept hearing that our country is weak due to the current President, guess what … President Obama inherited the mess from someone. We need those who want to run this country to see it through the eyes of those who suffer for it.


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