Wonderful World of Work…

The modern office

Before modern times

Seems strange that I would say it that way but let’s think about it for a moment.

For how long was work digging in a field, working in a kitchen, or the field. Now we sit in offices, working on computers and feeling that we have access to everything. We rely on others to clean up after us and don’t think that less than two hundred years ago that would have been our families that were doing the jobs we can’t stand.

I listen to those who complain about people who aren’t able to work for medical reasons and I want to know why they feel it is ok to complain. For all the times of humans we have had those with challenges that make them unable to do the labor that was physical required.

We have had times when those who were challenged were treated poorly, thought to be a waste on the social needs and were destroyed to make the human race better. It won’t work.


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