70 Years Ago

Hiroshima before 1945
Hiroshima after
Nagasaki before
Nagasaki after

70 years ago today …

The world changed in more than one way. On 6 August 1945 the Hiroshima bomb was dropped and the world entered a nuclear era. Today 70 years ago the bomb was used a second time on Nagasaki.

Why are these important to remember? If we aren’t careful with what we do, we could end up with a bigger problem on our hands. Since that time several countries have built vast arsenals of these weapons. While we try to control the way that they get used the fact is that there are those who feel that it is the only way to deal with threats in the area. I know that there is a different and better way.

You know it was said a long time ago that WW3 would be fought with weapons that had the power of the sun and WW4 with sticks and stones.

Americans think that they have the right to step all over the other people of the world and there will be no reaction. We saw the reaction in September of 2001. We have seen and heard it in different parts of the world. When are we going to realize that every person has a right to their beliefs and their voices should be heard.

I listen to those who say life begins when conception happens, but my question to them is when does that person have a voice that can be heard? You can’t ask a child in the mother if the father that they have is going to be good for them or bad for them.

The Japanese learned a hard lesson 70 years ago. We need to honor those who passed and listen to the knowledge that they have.  We need to respect their loss.


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