Something to Believe in…

I watch the people around me and often wonder what they believe in. I see those who spend more time on their cell phones texting others when they are at work, those who feel the world owes them something and wonder where we are headed.

I have had challenges all my life, to me life is a test. When I see the homeless sleeping on the side of the street I have to make a choice … do I help them or walk away. That choice shows what I believe in. It doesn’t matter if the person is disabled or just down on their luck, they need help and I have always felt that everyone can do better.

I was listening to a song and it reminded me that there is more to life than the here and now. It comes down to what you believe in.

I have shared the song for the simple reason that it has a message in. We all need something to believe in, what is yours? Mine is that people can do better, it all comes to choice.


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