The Vatican…

How much do you really know about The Vatican City in Rome?

There is a lot that people don’t know about it. The most common one is the fact that Benito Mussolini was the one that made it a country. That is a true statement. When Mussolini took over power in Italy in 1922 he knew that the Catholic Church held sway over a large amount of people. To keep the people on his side and show that he wasn’t a ‘bad’ person he made the Vatican it’s own country in 1929.

The Vatican will hold the writings of any person that writes to the pope in the pope’s personal documents for about 100 years. They have letters from President Lincoln and Confederate President Jackson. The interesting thing is the way that they were written. President Lincoln’s was a formal ‘political’ letter while Jackson’s was one of the personal suffering of the Civil war.

The fact that there is no autopsy done on a Pope is something that leaves to many things to chance. Pope John Paul the 1st was only in office for 33 days. When he passed there were rumors as there are today he was killed, due to the laws however there was no autopsy done and it will never be known.

There have been things that have been thought of as myth for a long time and while I don’t claim to know them all it is something that is of an interest to many.


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