German Flag

What if I told you Germany is one of the youngest countries in the world? It is true, would you believe me?

Germany became a country in 1871. It became a country when France won in the Franco-Prussian war. Several of the German princes decided that it needed to be it’s own country and Wilhelm of Prussia became the Emperor of the Greater German Empire at the time.

Germany has created many great things and people over the years, they have also done some of the worst things too. Albert Einstein was German and a person who believed in peace. He came to the US during WWII due to the fact that his religious beliefs were being discriminated against by a good portion of the German people. Anne Frank was from Germany.

I hear people today say that the Concentration Camps were made up to make Germans look bad, I have seen them. I got to meet the survivors when I was stationed there. They are real. The people who suffered and passed away there need to be remembered.

There is a saying that those who forget the past are bound to repeat it. I can understand not wanting people to mix nationalities or other things, they have pride in who they are. There is no way to remove a system of belief by destroying its followers. They will return, and those who do it will be looked on as criminals.

Remember that we are a world of different races, different beliefs, and different cultures … we need to embrace them.


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