The Spirit….

Throne of the Christian God

When I say the spirit, what do you think? Religion? What kind of religion if any do you believe in?

There are two forms of the spirit that I believe in, one is the one that is in our body … better known as our soul. It is the one that makes us who and what we are. There is a second one that has to face whomever we believe in as our guardians. Whether it is the Christian God, The Jewish one or Islam there is a day that we all have to come forward and explain our lives.

I have been challenged in more than one way in my life … some say I shouldn’t be here but I am. According to the doctors I have been dead a total of four times at least in my life.

The interesting thing is that each time I have been in that position, I have seen Anubis, standing next to me and I get told it is not my time and to come back. Why would a person like me, Army Veteran, person with challenges, be saved this way? What should I be doing that I am not?

Those that know of the ancient world say I belong back in those times. The habits that I have, the belief systems all show that I don’t belong in this time. Yet here I am. Could there be something that I should be doing that I am not.

Some people think that this world is all there is, their behavior shows it. I have always felt that in the end I will have to weigh my soul against what I have done and there will be a time to explain all.

Would your heart tell the good or the bad? Would those that have been in your life tell the good or the bad? How would it go for you?


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