What has happened before…

From the 60’s

Ever heard the saying ‘What has happened before will happen again.’ There are those who don’t believe it can happen but it does.

There is proof everywhere, look around. How many remember the bell bottoms of the 1970’s? My daughter didn’t believe that I wore them when they were the ‘latest’ fad in the 2010’s. When I showed her pictures she was suddenly no longer wanting to wear them.

Fashion aside, look at what is being said in the political world today? People saying that those who aren’t born to a family that has been established in the  US  need to go – look back in history … we have been there before. When I say we I mean the world, it started in Germany and spread. What did we get … people being destroyed for their religious beliefs. Now they are saying those that are from Mexico are the problem … why? There is crime and corruption in every type of people.

If you think about it, this country was meant to be a mixing pot of cultures, of people yet time and time again groups of people are singled out for the color of their skin, the language that they speak, or due to a challenge that they may have.

To those who want to rule this country, they need to understand it. They need to understand that we all are special in our own ways and even though we don’t have money or a certain hair color or speak a certain way, telling someone they have to leave because their parents tried to give them a better life is wrong.

The politicians need to live in the real world, the one of working eight to ten hours a day, struggling to find enough money for food, wondering if they are going to get a good nights sleep due to the noise in their apartments from their neighbors.

Walk a year in the regular person’s shoes and then run for office and see how things can change.


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