The Game of…

Litany of Fear

If you were told that life is nothing more than you make it, what would you make it? Me? Life is a game and it is how you play it that matters in the long run. Everything you do is by  two things choice and will.

Let me explain what I mean, to get up and go to this site, you made a choice to turn on your computer, I didn’t make you do it, your free will did. It is a matter of choice if you go to work or stay home. If the wrong choice is made then you have to play the hand you have. If the right choice is made then again you play the hand you have.

Those who make the right choices they have the rewards that come with it, those who make the wrong choices deal with the troubles that come with it.

I heard a pair of rhythms long ago and have found them to be true on more than one time in my life. Both are from the original movie of ‘Dune’. One goes ‘It is by will alone I set my mind in motion, thoughts acquire speed, speed becomes sustained, it is by will alone I set my mind in motion.’ The other one deals with fear and how you deal with it. It goes: ‘I shall not fear, fear is the mind killer, fear is the little death that will bring total obliteration. I shall face my fear, let it pass over and through me, turn the inner eye and only I remain.’

What do they mean? If I set my mind in motion and my thoughts speed up then the fear is going to be less. There are things in movies that will help with life. When you watch them look for what can help you and what the deeper meaning might be.


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