Slow Down….

Have you ever been so busy that you are unable to slow down? When did it become so necessary to do so much that you can’t relax?

In this day and age it seems that we are unable to slow down for any reason. From the time most people get up they don’t slow down until they try to sleep. This will affect people’s health and their mental status as well.

I remember getting home from school and doing my homework and then having time to read a book (a real one not an e-book) or going out in the yard and playing on my bike. I remember that we didn’t have cell phones, and we ate what was given to us not throwing a fit because we wanted something else.

I will admit that I was raised in the old school style and that meant if I did something wrong, I got in trouble for it. When I say get in trouble it was having to do extra chores, no TV, not getting to do things that were fun.

Kids today don’t understand that. Things aren’t always going to go their way. They react. If they took the time to realize that the choices are made for a good reason then they wouldn’t behave the way they do.


What is a leader?

What does it take to be a good leader? Who has the ability to be a good leader? Is it a person who has made billions? Is it a person who ran some of the largest companies? Is it a person who has been through the hard times and made things work when push came to shove?

I listen to people that feel that they are going to be better than President Obama and they are not willing to tell us how. They talk about the fact that they are better due to the fact that they have money or the fact that those whom are coming over illegal are all going to cause problems and the fact is that there are some that are great.

Where is no one that has come up from the normal people? Those are the skills that we need. We need to have someone that has been dealt with the real life. What is more important than seeing the world for what it is? Is money? How is that a good power source?

Money doesn’t buy happiness or the brains to run this country.

Love of a Friend

When I say that it seems strange but the fact is that I have a person that is more like a father to me and I feel like I can tell him anything. While he is not a family member he is very special to me.

We all have others that we care about. Most of us think of a person that we love as someone in a romantic way. Friendship is something very different. Friends can be as different as ever, but the fact is that if a person understands you and stands by you no matter what then they are a special gift and someone that you should cherish.

I have had several that say they are my friends as long they get something in return. This isn’t something that a person who is a true friend would do. They would be there no matter what.

When you give of yourself it should be for the simple act of showing that you care, not for getting something in return. Is there someone in your life that could use a friend or someone to pick them up when they are down? What is stopping you from doing it?

A few things to think of: almost half of those that are homeless have jobs but don’t make enough to survive. They don’t want a handout they want to be seen as a person who has worked hard.

Worried for the US

I am worried for the United States right now. The reason is that I listened to the debate on CNN and what people were saying scared the daylights out of me. I listened as people were more about making themselves look good than the people that they want to get support from.

When I listen to them talk about taxes and one person brought up a ‘biblical style tithe tax’ I could see that was a scary thought. While yes we need to bring down the taxes for those who are working hard, why do the lower class have to get punished for the upper class having loopholes. One person brought up a flat tax, good in theory to a degree but there are always those that feel they are special somehow.

One topic that got on my nerves was they kept talking about ‘Planned Parenthood’ and how the government shouldn’t fund them. While I believe life is sacred (I have problems with killing a spider) I also know that there needs to be a time and place for things. I wouldn’t want a person telling me or any woman who knows  they can’t care for a child and the child is going to have a hard life due to problems that may be inherited that they have to carry that child and bring it into this world knowing that the child will suffer for it.

I live in Washington State, this is one of the few states that Cannabis is legal for people over the age of 21 to use. I choose  not to, but I know those who do. Guess what, Cannabis isn’t a gateway drug. When people make it a crime then ‘doing a drug because someone says no’ is the drug, it is in human nature to push against authority.

If Republicans that I saw on state tonight really want to help us — understand us first. Walk in our shoes, be the people that are hungry then run for office.

What is Gold to you…

What is gold to you? This is a rather interesting one to go on. When most think of gold they think of the wedding bands that they wear or a form of funds that are secure. I don’t. I look at a person and the interesting thing is that even if a person has a lot of money their soul is not gold therefore I don’t see them as rich. The people that are rich in my eyes are those that help others. They may not have a lot of funds but they have a heart that knows how to give.

In the Lord of the Rings books by JRR Tolkien there is a saying that wraps things up on how I see the world.

While this talks about being a king, I think that all people have the gift to be a king.

What is ‘real’?

I know the question what is real is an odd one but hear me out.

When we think about how do we know what we are seeing is real? The images are processed through our eyes and so we think it is. It is a series of chemical reactions to something that our brain interprets as something we see. So sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us- happens all the time. Often people who are asked by the police on what they saw at an accident will tell one thing but later not remember the details.

What about our other senses? Again it all comes down to the human mind and emotion. The world’s best computer is the one in our heads. We have the ability to ‘feel’ the keys under our fingers as we type on the keyboard. We can ‘hear’ music in the air, smell the fresh air … these are all the way the brain handles signals of input.

People loved the movie series ‘The Matrix’ due to the fact that it came down to one thing how the human mind interprets things. There is a scene where Neo is talking with the person that they call ‘The Architect’. They are talking about the the different ways that people interact with the environment of the Matrix and Neo is able to figure out the problem. His statement is ‘Choice, the problem is choice.’

We don’t realize the amount of choices that we make in a day and how they affect the other ways things go in a day. Did you hit the snooze button this morning or get up? There was a choice that you had to make. That choice is going to lead you to other items that lead to others and the puzzle is never solved.

Why do we…

Why do we let others go without and not see that they are trying to live?

The fact is that there are those who work a full time job and are still not making it. Those are the ones that we see working hard and yet they often don’t make enough but they push on. Often they are told that they make too much to get things like food stamps or medical assistance. These are the ones that suffer and seem to be ignored at the most basic level.

I had the honor of working in the military and now that I am married and working my husband is getting hurt due to the fact that I make too much money. Social Security says that 13 an hour is too much money for him to get his medical and what little funds that are provided. I looked into the medical with my company and found that I couldn’t afford it.

I am trying to make it to where others can see that people need to assist each other and not see those people as looking for a hand out.

This country could be even greater than it is but we must work as a single unit to help those that need it.

Did you know…

The Twin Towers

Did you know that there are several different versions of what happened on September 11th 2001?

With it coming up I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the things we weren’t told. People will say that I am a person who doesn’t have all the information but here is my point … those that have put the information out on what happened haven’t told the whole story to us.

The first thing is when interviewed about what happened the President at the time claimed that he was sitting in a classroom waiting to go see some kids and watched the first plane hit the tower … here is the problem with that. The video of the first plane hitting the tower wasn’t shown until several hours after it happened. So how could he have been watching it happen when the attack was underway? Instead of going to an emergency meeting he went to the press show of him reading the books with the kids instead.

The second one is why did the Saudi Government pay for the other members of the Bin Laden family to leave the country instead of asking them some questions first? Being a former MP, I want all the information before letting someone leave.

There is other thing that bothers me, President Bush said that it a surprise attack yet there is proof that there had been briefings that he didn’t listen to about the fact that there was going to be an attack. He chose to not listen to it.

When we look at what has happened to us, we have suffered to deal with it. When we live in a world of fear, we get to the point of the fear rules us. We need to understand that there are other facts that we may not have all of and then try to resolve the problem.

What If …

What if you could change one thing about you? Would you change your looks? Your friends? Your career? What would do? What if that one change could make a difference in a person’s life? Would you make the change to save a person from feeling down?

There is a site that people can ask for help and not have to feel bad about doing it.  This is a site that is set up to let others know that there are those who are in need.  While people have to swallow some pride and say that they help, it is a good way to get a community involved and reach those that you wouldn’t normally reach.

I had to break down and do it, not because I wanted to see if it would work but the need is there. My husband and I are having some challenges right now and I am hopping this will help get some to see that there are others out there that could use this chance to make a person’s life better. It doesn’t have to my family that you help, just a person.

The site is and the one I did is

The reason I do this blog site is to get people to look outside themselves for more than a few minutes. See the bigger picture. Maybe if  there is someone that can understand then they can help.

So back to the question I asked … what if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

For me it would be to have the ability to learn more than what I do and teach others too.

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