Why Does The Government…

Why does the Government punish the ones that need the help the most?

I will explain my question and maybe someone can explain it to me. I know a person that is married to a person who is disabled and on SSI. They are told that they have to tell Social Security that they have to report the earnings of the person that is working, then give the person a major run around when they try to do it. They finally do get it done and then the person who is on SSI loses everything. Within two weeks they get letters telling them that they are going from having a bit of funds to help with the family to nothing. They take the person’s medical and tell them that the person with the job has to get it for them.

So a family struggles to do good and get one step ahead only to get slapped down.  Now they have to deal with the cost of not only housing, food, and other things. Now they are told that what little bit of good that they are feeling only to get told that they are getting punished for it.

I know that some feel that everyone needs to work but there are those have to many challenges to do so. So why punish those who are challenged?


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