Two Things you Didn’t Know

What if I told you there were ten things about the United States that you don’t know? There are a lot of things that people don’t know about the United States. These are some of more unusual ones.

  1. What if I told you that at the first recorded and documented shark attack became the basis of the book ‘Jaws’? While Peter Benchley wrote a fictional story there was a real story behind it. In July 1916, in New Jersey there were 12 days of terror. On the 1st there was the first attack, a doctors son, Charles Van Sant.

The story was put on page 18 of the New York Times. The attacker is called a fish. The report shows that it was a shark attack. The fourth passed with no issues and people forgot for the most part. Then there were the attacks at the hotel up the shore, then the three attacks in the Matawan Creek. In total there were 5 attacks and four deaths.

People thought that it was a great white shark but the fact that some of the attacks happened in a creek means that there might have been a bull shark involved as well.

2. What to do with your damaged money? It is true that everyone has money that is torn or damaged at some point in their wallet. If you send it to the government they will give you a check for the same amount. So the next time you think of getting rid of that torn dollar bill, think again. You might want to get a lot together and send it in and get a check that you can put in the bank.


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