Queen Nefertiti

What makes an empire? Is it money? Happiness? The amount of people?

If you think about it, people seem to think of empires as those areas with lots of people, that seem to control lots of area of land. My question is are they happy? How do the people feel about those who have power over them?

The Ancient Egyptians has been known as one of the first major powers or empires yet there were many challenges that faced them. The fact that there were those who over run by them, those that were persecuted by them, those who were nearly erased from history and those that did great things.

Let’s look at some of the things that I am talking about. The Ancient Egyptians had many gods for many centuries, yet one pharaoh chose to go against the normal and say there was only one god … The Atun or the sun disk. His name was Akhenaten. His Queen was Nefertiti. They were nearly erased from history if it hadn’t been for Queen Nefertiti’s bust being found in the early 20th century and Tutankhamen’s tomb being found. As often was done in the ancient world at the time he married his sister  Ankhesenamun.

So why don’t we know about Akhenaten? Ramses the Second or Ramses the Great said he was a heretic and tried to erase him.  It is also a theory that Moses was a worshiper of the Atun and that was part of the reason he rebelled against his father.

So does America count as an empire? The few with the money have more pull than those who work and work hard for the money they have. Those that go against the status quo are thought of as ‘Anti- American’. Where do you fit in?


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