What If …

What if you could change one thing about you? Would you change your looks? Your friends? Your career? What would do? What if that one change could make a difference in a person’s life? Would you make the change to save a person from feeling down?

There is a site that people can ask for help and not have to feel bad about doing it.  This is a site that is set up to let others know that there are those who are in need.  While people have to swallow some pride and say that they help, it is a good way to get a community involved and reach those that you wouldn’t normally reach.

I had to break down and do it, not because I wanted to see if it would work but the need is there. My husband and I are having some challenges right now and I am hopping this will help get some to see that there are others out there that could use this chance to make a person’s life better. It doesn’t have to my family that you help, just a person.

The site is http:www.gofundme.com and the one I did is gofund.me/afamilyinneedinwa

The reason I do this blog site is to get people to look outside themselves for more than a few minutes. See the bigger picture. Maybe if  there is someone that can understand then they can help.

So back to the question I asked … what if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

For me it would be to have the ability to learn more than what I do and teach others too.


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