Why do we…

Why do we let others go without and not see that they are trying to live?

The fact is that there are those who work a full time job and are still not making it. Those are the ones that we see working hard and yet they often don’t make enough but they push on. Often they are told that they make too much to get things like food stamps or medical assistance. These are the ones that suffer and seem to be ignored at the most basic level.

I had the honor of working in the military and now that I am married and working my husband is getting hurt due to the fact that I make too much money. Social Security says that 13 an hour is too much money for him to get his medical and what little funds that are provided. I looked into the medical with my company and found that I couldn’t afford it.

I am trying to make it to where others can see that people need to assist each other and not see those people as looking for a hand out.

This country could be even greater than it is but we must work as a single unit to help those that need it.


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