What is ‘real’?

I know the question what is real is an odd one but hear me out.

When we think about how do we know what we are seeing is real? The images are processed through our eyes and so we think it is. It is a series of chemical reactions to something that our brain interprets as something we see. So sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us- happens all the time. Often people who are asked by the police on what they saw at an accident will tell one thing but later not remember the details.

What about our other senses? Again it all comes down to the human mind and emotion. The world’s best computer is the one in our heads. We have the ability to ‘feel’ the keys under our fingers as we type on the keyboard. We can ‘hear’ music in the air, smell the fresh air … these are all the way the brain handles signals of input.

People loved the movie series ‘The Matrix’ due to the fact that it came down to one thing how the human mind interprets things. There is a scene where Neo is talking with the person that they call ‘The Architect’. They are talking about the the different ways that people interact with the environment of the Matrix and Neo is able to figure out the problem. His statement is ‘Choice, the problem is choice.’

We don’t realize the amount of choices that we make in a day and how they affect the other ways things go in a day. Did you hit the snooze button this morning or get up? There was a choice that you had to make. That choice is going to lead you to other items that lead to others and the puzzle is never solved.


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