Love of a Friend

When I say that it seems strange but the fact is that I have a person that is more like a father to me and I feel like I can tell him anything. While he is not a family member he is very special to me.

We all have others that we care about. Most of us think of a person that we love as someone in a romantic way. Friendship is something very different. Friends can be as different as ever, but the fact is that if a person understands you and stands by you no matter what then they are a special gift and someone that you should cherish.

I have had several that say they are my friends as long they get something in return. This isn’t something that a person who is a true friend would do. They would be there no matter what.

When you give of yourself it should be for the simple act of showing that you care, not for getting something in return. Is there someone in your life that could use a friend or someone to pick them up when they are down? What is stopping you from doing it?

A few things to think of: almost half of those that are homeless have jobs but don’t make enough to survive. They don’t want a handout they want to be seen as a person who has worked hard.


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