Worried for the US

I am worried for the United States right now. The reason is that I listened to the debate on CNN and what people were saying scared the daylights out of me. I listened as people were more about making themselves look good than the people that they want to get support from.

When I listen to them talk about taxes and one person brought up a ‘biblical style tithe tax’ I could see that was a scary thought. While yes we need to bring down the taxes for those who are working hard, why do the lower class have to get punished for the upper class having loopholes. One person brought up a flat tax, good in theory to a degree but there are always those that feel they are special somehow.

One topic that got on my nerves was they kept talking about ‘Planned Parenthood’ and how the government shouldn’t fund them. While I believe life is sacred (I have problems with killing a spider) I also know that there needs to be a time and place for things. I wouldn’t want a person telling me or any woman who knows  they can’t care for a child and the child is going to have a hard life due to problems that may be inherited that they have to carry that child and bring it into this world knowing that the child will suffer for it.

I live in Washington State, this is one of the few states that Cannabis is legal for people over the age of 21 to use. I choose  not to, but I know those who do. Guess what, Cannabis isn’t a gateway drug. When people make it a crime then ‘doing a drug because someone says no’ is the drug, it is in human nature to push against authority.

If Republicans that I saw on state tonight really want to help us — understand us first. Walk in our shoes, be the people that are hungry then run for office.


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