What is a leader?

What does it take to be a good leader? Who has the ability to be a good leader? Is it a person who has made billions? Is it a person who ran some of the largest companies? Is it a person who has been through the hard times and made things work when push came to shove?

I listen to people that feel that they are going to be better than President Obama and they are not willing to tell us how. They talk about the fact that they are better due to the fact that they have money or the fact that those whom are coming over illegal are all going to cause problems and the fact is that there are some that are great.

Where is no one that has come up from the normal people? Those are the skills that we need. We need to have someone that has been dealt with the real life. What is more important than seeing the world for what it is? Is money? How is that a good power source?

Money doesn’t buy happiness or the brains to run this country.


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