Slow Down….

Have you ever been so busy that you are unable to slow down? When did it become so necessary to do so much that you can’t relax?

In this day and age it seems that we are unable to slow down for any reason. From the time most people get up they don’t slow down until they try to sleep. This will affect people’s health and their mental status as well.

I remember getting home from school and doing my homework and then having time to read a book (a real one not an e-book) or going out in the yard and playing on my bike. I remember that we didn’t have cell phones, and we ate what was given to us not throwing a fit because we wanted something else.

I will admit that I was raised in the old school style and that meant if I did something wrong, I got in trouble for it. When I say get in trouble it was having to do extra chores, no TV, not getting to do things that were fun.

Kids today don’t understand that. Things aren’t always going to go their way. They react. If they took the time to realize that the choices are made for a good reason then they wouldn’t behave the way they do.


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