Why do we label people? The Views of a Single person.

Why do we label people and groups? What is the difference between a religion and a cult? What is different between a belief and a hate group?

There is one thing that every person in the US was given by the constitution and that is that we are all created equal. I don’t understand the people that feel that due to the color of someone’s skin or the way that they believe.

Over the lifetime of the human race there have been several factions that have started out as ‘cults’ and have become mainstream beliefs. You look at the people of the Jewish faith and what they have gone through … they were welcomed into Egypt, then made to serve the pharaohs as slaves only to get their freedom after ten plagues hit. The fact that there is a mistranslation in the Christian bible of one word shows the way that things can be misunderstood. The Hebrew word in their telling is  yam suph, or the ‘Sea of Reeds’ but in the Christian  bible it is the ‘Red Sea’.

In Egypt there was the belief in one god long before the Christian God and the person who founded it was called a heretic. Amenhotep the IV is better known as Akhenaten believed in one of the gods instead of the pantheon of gods. His belief was of the Aten was  1334 BC, but few know of him. Rameses the Second or Rameses the Great said he was a heretic and had his image destroyed.

In 33AD, the Romans tried to destroy the cult of the Nazarene, they had crucified the leader but it still remains to this day as Christianity. Now a mainstream religion people don’t often see the past. The canonization of the books that now make up the bible was held in 325AD at a special meeting called the Council of Nicaea. There the Christian religion became the main one of the Roman Empire by Constantine.

The churches have branched out in many forms, Mormons, Christian Fundamentalist, Catholics, but the fact is that they all push for the belief in the one deity known as God. If we go through time we see things like the people that feel their skin color makes them better and I wonder what makes them hate so much, what is going to happen when there is no one left to focus their anger against, what will happen to them.

People don’t go out to join a cult, become part of a hate group, they want to belong to something other than being alone. If you know a person that is alone and hurting inside, try reaching out to them. A simple act of kindness will make them feel better and who knows they may end up having more than you know inside them.


The Loved One….

This is a reminder, no matter what religion we believe in, no matter what color we are we are loved. Those who feel that one deity is better than others, my question is if they are truly a deity that  cares than why does it matter if you go to a church to worship, or a masque, or a temple?

People don’t understand that weather we are Christian, Muslim or pagan as long as we know that we are loved by the deity that we happen to chose to follow then that is what is important.

Everyone wants to know that they are loved and one day they are going to be with the deity that they care for. I have tried to follow the rules that are set down by the Christian god and I found that the more questions I asked the more I was told to take it on faith.

I question things and to me the more I know and understand the more that I see what is really going on. We all make choices, it is the great undoing of any equation. So do look outside the box, it is safe to do.

WWE… What Was Experienced

When we think of this world and how things have changed I often wonder what were people thinking and when will we learn from the past? The fact that it is well known that if we don’t learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it.

The American dream is one that is for every one. So I get upset when people act like a person who is of different skin color or religious beliefs are less than good enough. I hear it when I am helping some of the techs with the work that I do. Some of the male techs will act like I don’t know my job due to the fact that I am a female.

I understand that  some cultures, females are  looked at as if they are less important and of lower intelligence than the  males. I have dealt with it for  years. While I may not like the way some people choose to treat others I realize that it was the way that they were raised and not  meant at me.

Please remember that we need to learn from the past or we will repeat it. Try learning a different thing and see how it opens your eyes.

Freedoms …

What are the freedoms that we all should have? Why do some feel that others shouldn’t be allowed to have them due to the color of their skin or what they believe in? Who has the right to judge?

I hear people say that America is for the ‘white race’ and that all the ‘immigrants’ need to go. I am sorry to say that while people will look at me and see pale skin, blue eyes, I am not ‘white’. I am Native American, Hispanic, and a bit of white. I also am a Veteran of the US Army.

People that feel that one skin color is better than others need to realize that they need a basic course in human evolution. The fact that we are only one or two genes different between the skin of the President of the United States and the blond hair guy down the street.

This country was set to be a great experiment and we have the ability to make it great. I do know that it seems like most of the of the people in power don’t understand and that is where they need to wake up.

Benevolence Funds ….

You know that there are churches that are supposed to help others, so my question is why is it that when I asked for help I got told that it was to be a one time thing and that they weren’t sure if I could get help because I don’t go to their church.

I am not asking for a handout due to the fact that I feel it is owed to me, I am trying to feed my husband and myself. It is one thing that I suffer due to the fact that I have challenges but my husband has the right to eat healthy food. I chose to work due to the fact that my writing skills won’t make me money. I made a choice.

With that choice, my husband has had to suffer. We were told by Social Security that I make too much money so he will no longer get his SSI or medical. I was told that I make too much to get food assistance and now the VA has chosen to say the disability that I have isn’t as bad as the doctor said that it was so my rating will stay the same.

Why am I being punished due to the fact that I have chosen to work. Why is it that those who are in a position to help others try to put strings on it? I live in pain and it never seems to get better.

Any suggestions?

Dreams …

Have you ever had a dream that is so real that you can’t tell when you first wake up if you are awake. I am one of those people that can remember most of the dreams that I have. Some say that I can’t remember them all but those that I do are super vivid.

When I write in this often it is a combination of the dreams and what I see and hear in the world. I have the been one of those that have felt outside the regular world. The interesting thing is that I see the choices that people are making and I worry. I worry about the fact that kids can’t be told  ‘no’ without having to worry about someone saying that the parents are ‘abusing’ the kids. I grew up hearing it a lot. I learned at a young age that if I wanted something I would have to work for the money for it.

We didn’t have cell phones at the time, we had pay phones and change to call home. We didn’t have computers and the internet to do our homework on, we went to the library and had to do things in pen and paper. When I got in trouble I got in trouble for it. It wasn’t a game system being taken away it was a spanking or having extra chores to do.

While my parents had challenges with me, they did the best they could. They had a different look on the world than me and we would often clash but the fact that they were willing to understand me is very important. Yes it has taken a lot of years but the fact is that we have some understanding that each other live in a different way.

I had a dream last night that Anubis was there telling me that I was doing the right thing by telling people this information. He has been there with me during the 4 times that I have died and I am still trying to find the reason that he brings me back.

Try to find your reason for being here. You may be surprised at what you see and find about yourself.

A Lone Writer….

What would you say or do to help this person? Would you support someone who wants to follow their dream or tell them to get their head out of the clouds? There are people out there that want to do what their hearts desire and have been shot down so many times that they are scared to do so. I am going to give an example of one person that I know and would like to help but need to know how to do so.

This person has written for most of their life. They have done short stories, fantasies, some are a bit on the strange side. When they were younger, their parents found one that they had done, it was rather on the long side and didn’t approve of what it was about. When the person came home from school they watched it be destroyed. Their parents said that they would never make anything of it and to get their head out of the clouds.

Over the years the person still wrote but ended up never being able to do one as long as the person had watched be destroyed. They rebelled against the traditions of the family and have suffered many hardships. They want to get published but never feel that it is good enough. They also always here their parents saying to get their head out of the clouds.

The person works hard at their job and is a good person to be around but the desire to write is always there. They feel that others don’t understand, and when they tried to do it their family didn’t have enough to make it.

So they suffer each day with ideas racing through their head, working in an office that they do their best but never truly happy.

How should I help this person?

Office Diet Plan …. (DO NOT ATTEMPT)


With everyone so worried about people weight in the world I came up with some new diet plans that might help. Like the title says DO NOT ATTEMPT!

The first one you can do everyday: when we run into the shower in the morning and wash our hair, how many let the shampoo run down their back? Don’t! If you think about it shampoo is made to ‘increase volume and mass’ so use ‘Dawn’ dish soap. It removes ‘fat and grease’.

The second one is a bit more painful: If you need to loose a large amount (50+) go to California, find a bunch of seals/ sea lions, cut your hands and jump in. Act like a seal and a great white will come up and take 20 – 50 lbs off in a bite and get to a hospital.

This is a joke only –DO NOT ATTEMPT!!!

Special People

How many true friends do you have in your life? When I say a true friend, I mean someone that is willing to listen when you are having a bad day and help pick you up. Someone who makes you feel like mean something no matter how down you are.

I have been lucky enough with the job that I have that I have met a few that are just that: true friends. Jason is one. Even when I am down and suffering in physical or mental pain he makes me feel like I do know what I am doing.

There are times that I feel like I am going nuts and he will say something that makes me laugh and feel better. For that I say thank you to Jason.

My hope to all is that everyone has one person like Jason that can be a friend and help pick them up when they are down.

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