A Special Friend

Ever have some one that is a special friend that feels more like a family member to you? Would you try to help them in any way that you could? I have been blessed that I have three in total. The ones that this is dedicated to is the ones that live below me. Lynne and Keegan have been there for so many things that are challenges for me. Keegan is always a light no matter how hard things have gotten. His hugs and smiles are those that can light up the room when I have had a bad day. I can hear his giggles when he is playing and no matter how bad I feel it brings a smile to my face.

Lynne has watch me struggle, shown me that there is a way even when I can’t seem to see it. She is one of the people that said I could do it when I had the challenge of running a house and going to school at the same time. Lynne has been the one that when I needed a shoulder was there.

Friends like Lynne and Keegan are special. I am so lucky that I have them in my life. I am dealing with things that are hard, they are there, even if we don’t talk everyday. They are t

To Lynne and Keegan

he ones that make me smile when I feel like no one understands.

Thank you to my friends those that are like Lynne and Keegan are super dear to me.  You are more than friends you are family.

If you have someone in your life like Lynne and Keegan, remind yourself to reach out and say hello.


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