The Ancient Ones …

Temple of Delphi

What does this poem mean? In the context of the game it is one thing, but what about real life? Who are the Ancient Gods? Where did they go? Why did we stop going to the temples and give offerings to them?

Some say that the ancient gods were really devils and demons but there are those that can see other things in it. I will admit that I am outside the norm when it comes to religion but the fact is that I have had my challenges and the beliefs that I have are due to the way that the world has treated me.

I see the planet is being damaged and the ancient gods were those that represented the planet. Those are the ones that have begun to emerge and run in chaos full eruption. The evil band could be the state of the worlds policies and how those treat each others. Think about what you see, people not being willing to help each. Those wanting to make people leave the country due to the country of the parent’s birth. The veterans that are willing to go to a distant land in order to help those but come home and get treated poorly.

We each have the ability to be the warrior and help others. We don’t have to give money, but give of ourselves. The heart is a stronger thing than the money in your pocket. If you have a person that is in need of a warm coat and you have an extra, give it to them. It doesn’t have to be torn or damaged, yet it doesn’t have to be $500.00. If you don’t use it and you know of someone that could – the act of giving for the simple reason of giving is what matters.


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