Judging Beliefs

Why is it that people feel it is necessary to judge others beliefs? Over the years we have felt it was necessary to make people conform to what we believe and yet we have had so many changes in the basic belief system that it isn’t funny.

There were years and centuries that we used to worship many different deities. Now those are considered to be strange or devil worshipers. The fact is that the people who are smart enough to see that there is more going on that what we can understand.

I have had a strange  look on life for many years. My life hasn’t been easy and there are things that I don’t think that any one in their right mind would want to go through what I have. Yet I see all the pain and suffering as a test.

There was a time when people would honor the ancient gods with a sacrifice and some forms of possession was thought to be good.

The Ancient Egyptians used to think that Anubis was the god of dead, they would want to have him present to open the mouth of the pharaoh so the soul could go to the afterlife. When the pharaoh would pass they would have a priest with Anubis’s head do the ceremony and they would worship the dead with the offerings.

In Greek mythology the god Dionysus was known as the goddess of wine. Those who would celebrate her would drink and dance to show her respect. They would ask for her to possess them so they could have a good time and enjoy life.

When the Christian Religion began to say that there was only the one god, at first it was a challenge to accept. As more people believed it, then the ancient gods were no longer of value.

Hades, became hell and since hell needed a ruler and the Christian god couldn’t be both good and evil they came up with the fallen one.  The demons or fallen angels – mostly are those same ones that represent the ancient minor gods.

My question is one that I would like to seriously have explained to me: Why is it that there are people who feel all the worlds problems are the work of the ‘Fallen Angels’? Why do they feel that all the other gods are not helpful anymore?


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