Misunderstood Creatures

What are the most misunderstood creatures on this planet? Sharks, most would say and yes they are right. They bring a primal fear to the people who think of it, who would want to get eaten alive.

Here is the thing that people don’t understand, if the sharks are removed from the oceans we are going to have a serious problem. If you look at the role they play they are vital to the planet. If the sharks are taken out of the equation, then all the other animals will get out of control.

When has a bowl of soup been more important than several animals lives? Those animals are suffering due to the fact that they are hunted and thrown back without their fins – they die due to the fact that they can’t swim.

People think the book and movie ‘Jaws’ was a good piece of fiction: there are some historical facts in there. The first thing that most people don’t realize is that the reason we even started to track shark attacks is due to the twelve days of terror that happened in July 1916.

New Jersey, 1916 was hot and on the first of July was the first time that any person was recorded to be attacked in the US costal waters. Over the next 12 days there were four more attacks. The problem is that three were in a creek. The attacks ended when a 7 1/2 foot long female great white was found with human remains in it. — there are a few things that bother me with saying it was a white. The first is that the size of a white that is of that size wouldn’t go after people due to the age of the shark, they would be very young and the people would be too noisy. The second part is the fact that the last three happened in Matawan Creek: that is a fresh water creek.  The only known shark to go into fresh water is the bull shark.

The other is the fact that the movie was just that a movie. You wouldn’t destroy people who have a health condition that prevents them from going into the sun after watching a vampire movie, so why a shark?


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