Why should we…

Why should we worry about those that are less fortunate than ourselves? Why should we worry about those who don’t seem to have everything that is needed to live? Who is in danger of being the next one with out a job?

There are people that have college degree’s but they can’t get a job, why? Most jobs want some form of experience in the field. I know that personally. I got a degree and when I tried to get a job in the field I am told that for an entry level position I need about two years experience and credentials that I can’t afford to get so I have spent a lot of money to get a degree that to me now is still costing me money and I can’t get a job that I am trained for.

There are people who are veterans but they are homeless, these people have served our country but they are told they don’t have ‘usable skills’. These are those who have been willing to give everything for this country and they are getting shunned. I have seen it first hand, when I was working in Seattle. I was having to transfer busses everyday and there was a person in a wheelchair, I would talk and I found out that he was a homeless veteran from the Vietnam War. Christmas eve, it was getting cold and while others had given the person stuff, it was nothing that he could use. I was wearing a bomber jacket with several military patches on them. I went into a local drug store, got healthy foods that wouldn’t need to be kept in a fridge, a large gift bag and paid for everything.

When I was paying I asked for an extra plastic bag and asked that the person call the VA hospital and see if they could get someone out to help the person. They looked at me like I was nuts but did it. I put all the food in the bottom of the gift bag and the jacket on top. When I gave the gentleman the gift, he was shocked. One of the patches was his old unit. I waited until someone could help him and nearly got in trouble in the process. A young man came up about ten minutes later and tried to take the coat from the gentleman. The Seattle Police showed up and they were willing to deal with the youngster.

I was able to help a veteran get the help that he needed for what … I did it for the fact that as a Veteran I felt he should be respected and wanted to show that.

We all have the ability to do something  great for someone. We need to tap into this or our world will have more problems.


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