Confused about Politics…. and Worried!

You know I honestly am very confused about the way that the Government is running things. I know that with the Presidential race is next year but can you tell me why the Government is doing another investigation on Benghazi?

There are some basic facts that we know, there was a terrorist attack in Benghazi on 11 September 2012. At the time President Obama was in the office and running for reelection against Mr. Romney. Mrs. Clinton was the Secretary of State during the time.

At the time Mr. Romney tried to say that the President didn’t react in the proper way. On the day of the attack he went to the Rose Garden and said it was an act of terror.

Mrs. Clinton is trying to run for President, yet the Republicans keep bringing up her emails and the fact that she had a private server – little FYI – most companies have their own servers. So the fact that she used it, guess what, if she turned the ones in that she had done business with then we need to accept that. This repeated attacks on her for doing what most large companies do is not the best for everyone.

I know that the government is having financial issues, why not focus on that. Why not focus on the fact that there are people who aren’t making it and suffer everyday due to the fact that the basic needs aren’t getting met due to the fact of the cost.

What is happening? The cost of living is going up but the people on SSI or Social Security aren’t getting any assistance.

Wake up people!


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