Freedoms …

What are the freedoms that we all should have? Why do some feel that others shouldn’t be allowed to have them due to the color of their skin or what they believe in? Who has the right to judge?

I hear people say that America is for the ‘white race’ and that all the ‘immigrants’ need to go. I am sorry to say that while people will look at me and see pale skin, blue eyes, I am not ‘white’. I am Native American, Hispanic, and a bit of white. I also am a Veteran of the US Army.

People that feel that one skin color is better than others need to realize that they need a basic course in human evolution. The fact that we are only one or two genes different between the skin of the President of the United States and the blond hair guy down the street.

This country was set to be a great experiment and we have the ability to make it great. I do know that it seems like most of the of the people in power don’t understand and that is where they need to wake up.


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