WWE… What Was Experienced

When we think of this world and how things have changed I often wonder what were people thinking and when will we learn from the past? The fact that it is well known that if we don’t learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it.

The American dream is one that is for every one. So I get upset when people act like a person who is of different skin color or religious beliefs are less than good enough. I hear it when I am helping some of the techs with the work that I do. Some of the male techs will act like I don’t know my job due to the fact that I am a female.

I understand that  some cultures, females are  looked at as if they are less important and of lower intelligence than the  males. I have dealt with it for  years. While I may not like the way some people choose to treat others I realize that it was the way that they were raised and not  meant at me.

Please remember that we need to learn from the past or we will repeat it. Try learning a different thing and see how it opens your eyes.


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