Why do we label people? The Views of a Single person.

Why do we label people and groups? What is the difference between a religion and a cult? What is different between a belief and a hate group?

There is one thing that every person in the US was given by the constitution and that is that we are all created equal. I don’t understand the people that feel that due to the color of someone’s skin or the way that they believe.

Over the lifetime of the human race there have been several factions that have started out as ‘cults’ and have become mainstream beliefs. You look at the people of the Jewish faith and what they have gone through … they were welcomed into Egypt, then made to serve the pharaohs as slaves only to get their freedom after ten plagues hit. The fact that there is a mistranslation in the Christian bible of one word shows the way that things can be misunderstood. The Hebrew word in their telling is  yam suph, or the ‘Sea of Reeds’ but in the Christian  bible it is the ‘Red Sea’.

In Egypt there was the belief in one god long before the Christian God and the person who founded it was called a heretic. Amenhotep the IV is better known as Akhenaten believed in one of the gods instead of the pantheon of gods. His belief was of the Aten was  1334 BC, but few know of him. Rameses the Second or Rameses the Great said he was a heretic and had his image destroyed.

In 33AD, the Romans tried to destroy the cult of the Nazarene, they had crucified the leader but it still remains to this day as Christianity. Now a mainstream religion people don’t often see the past. The canonization of the books that now make up the bible was held in 325AD at a special meeting called the Council of Nicaea. There the Christian religion became the main one of the Roman Empire by Constantine.

The churches have branched out in many forms, Mormons, Christian Fundamentalist, Catholics, but the fact is that they all push for the belief in the one deity known as God. If we go through time we see things like the people that feel their skin color makes them better and I wonder what makes them hate so much, what is going to happen when there is no one left to focus their anger against, what will happen to them.

People don’t go out to join a cult, become part of a hate group, they want to belong to something other than being alone. If you know a person that is alone and hurting inside, try reaching out to them. A simple act of kindness will make them feel better and who knows they may end up having more than you know inside them.


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