What is Special…

What is special in your life? Do you have a favorite person in the political arena right now? Why?

The fact is that every person that is willing to try to make that leap has something to offer, but is it all good? If we look back in history there are those that would appear to be good only to cause a lot of problems in later time. One of those that did more good than bad for the country is FDR, here is the thing that most don’t realize, he had gotten polio as a young man and needed to wear braces to walk. Most of the time he was in a modified wheelchair.

Let’s look at his life a bit deeper and see what else he did: most know that he was the President when Pearl Harbor was attacked and that brought us into WWII. Did you know that the day he went to the Congress to give his famous speech he used Al Capone’s armored car to get there? At the time the President didn’t have the armor car that they do now to get around.

When he did the walk through congress it was his son who walked with him all the way. For FDR walking was more of a controlled falling series. The braces that he wore would prevent his knees from moving and so he would put the cane out swing one leg then the other and his son would step forward.

The fact was that he served four terms as President. He was the one who created Social Security and he was the one who gave his only remaining son to this country.

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Riddle Me This….

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Here is a question for you ‘Riddle Me this, Riddle me that, Who is afraid of the past?’

Part of the question comes from a Batman movie but there is a second part to it … the past- who would be afraid of it? Those who don’t want us to learn that is who. The reason is that if we fail to remember the past then we are doomed to repeat it.

Here is what I am talking about: I was listening to the news about things that were going on and something caught my attention. There are some kids in Princeton that want to change the name of one of the schools that are part of the college due to the fact that it was named after President Woodrow Wilson. Their claim is that he was a racist, but lets take a look at the times that he lived in and see if erasing him from history would be a good idea. I will be adding links in to show the information that I am using.

First off: Woodrow Wilson was born in the year 1856. During that time we had a very different culture.

Second off: He was the President during a very hard series of times. The first was that he took us into WWI in 1917.  ( https://www.whitehouse.gov/1600/presidents/woodrowwilson ) He was the one that had to deal with the 12 Days of Terror in July of 1916  (http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-shark-attacks-that-were-the-inspiration-for-jaws-15220260/?no-ist ).

While movies were new to the world this one came out {The reason I put this link in is important, I do not believe what it stands for!!! ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0004972/ )} The movie is one of the things that the people of Princeton are saying that proves he was a racist.

In this article http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/11/29/erasing-woodrow-wilson-evading-history.html they bring up that he was against people of African American decent. He was horrified by the movie.

Third off: During his time  prohibition was brought up, Congress over rode him on it. ( http://www.history.com/topics/prohibition )

So if we try to forget the past and a person like President Wilson, who else will we try to forget? President Wilson had the idea of the League of Nations which became the precursor to the UN.

The ‘True’ American

coremissionsthumbtve72796-20100328-1877c87304adb1484ae74e2275267c06f114What makes a true American? Is it the color of their skin? The color of their hair? The language they speak or is it something else?

This is one of those fun questions to ask due to the fact that it could be those and so much more. To me a ‘true’ American is how the person feels on the inside. Are they willing to make the total sacrifice for their country? Do they feel that everyone owes them something?

A person that I see as a true American is someone who is willing to make the sacrifice for others. They don’t have to be a person from the US Armed Forces, they could be a Professional Wrestler, a person who works in law enforcement, or the person who is willing to give the last of what they have for someone who needs it.

We have people that feel that if a person doesn’t speak English then they aren’t a true American. When the Constitution was written there was nothing put in place saying that you have to speak English to be part of this country. America has no ‘official’ language.

People say that if the person isn’t of Caucasian decent then they aren’t a true American – the first people here were the Native American’s and they don’t have blond hair or blue eyes.

Before you judge someone, look in your soul and see if you have what it takes to be considered a ‘true’ American.

A Riddle…


“I see with out seeing, to me darkness is as bright as daylight. What am I?”

Some remember this from one of the Batman movies but here is the riddle to it, if a person who has sight but is able to see the truth then is there any darkness?

To me the truth hides in the darkness, the bowels of the beast that no one wants to venter into, the fear that hides within all of us.

If I was to tell you that there is a world under, around, next to and on top of ours … most would say get back on my medication but there is. It isn’t the world of the dead. It is the world of forgotten knowledge. When you read a post on the internet you are making a choice. As everyone knows in the human equation choice is the great imbalance. The reason is simple, as long as a person has a choice then they will use it. They may not realize that they are but they do.

The world of forgotten knowledge is no different, people want things to be the status quo and that isn’t the best thing to have. It has been proven that if we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it. So lets look at the past and see what is there.

The Mayan’s were a great civilization but they disappeared, their temples reclaimed by the jungles, their people hidden in plain view, their gods forgotten. Yet in 2012, people had to deal with the fact that the long count was about to end. People said it was the end of days. It was a time of rebirth instead. A chance to make things right. Did we do it? People let the status quo go on.

If we look at what the Mayan’s did before the end of the great cities we can see that history is repeating itself. There was too much of the forest removed, that caused drought and that caused war. They couldn’t feed themselves so they went to where there was food and left the great cities. What are we doing right now, over forest removal, population that is expanding too fast and people are losing faith.

So my riddle at the beginning doesn’t seem so strange. Or does it. For I do see without seeing, to me darkness is clear as daylight but I am not blind as a bat.

Fact or Myth

023compassilluminati-symbols-eyeIs the Illuminati fact or myth? Is there really a secret government trying to run everything? How long have they been around?

The Illuminati means ‘The Enlightened One’. So  if a group is claiming to the ‘Enlightened Ones’ why would so many see them as a threat? There was a group called ‘The Illuminati’ in the 1700’s in France. They wanted free thinking for all, the ability to be part of a world of education, to have the ability to ‘enlighten’ oneself through knowledge.

People have said they are part of the Masons. The Freemasons are another very misunderstood group. From what I know and I am no expert on them, the Freemasons are nothing more than people whom are trying to ‘build people up’. This isn’t satanic, this is showing the world there is a higher level of information out there.

There is a saying out there that knowledge is power. So if we can see the information, learn from it, and understand it then we have the ability to understand where others come from and that gives the person an advantage over the other.

Some say that places like the Grove in Oregon is a place where the few that can afford to get in are making choices for us. We were given the right and freedom to make choices on our own. It is called free will. No one can take it away. The question is do we let people control it or not.

In America we have a major Presidental Election coming up. My phone rings with people wanting my support for everyone and I ignore the calls … why? I want to do the research on those people first. I want to see where their loyality lies and why.

It comes down to myth or fact … If you are going to believe the myth or try to learn the facts about the real person, place or thing.

An Apology:

This is an apology to those who read this:

This site was and meant to be about history and I got off on the wrong tangent. I am sorry that you had to listen to the rants and raves of a person that has challenges. I have removed one post due to the nature and I realized what it was about felt it wasn’t right to be here.

To: Commander Broe,

I owe you a personal apology due to the fact that I laid a lot at your feet and didn’t think about how you would feel.

Cold Outside

thanksgiving-day-2015-5thermometerOk it is cold outside, it was warmer when I got up this morning. I got up it 28 degrees outside and within two hours it was 26 and now it is an amazing 38 outside. I worry about those who aren’t able to be out of the cold this day. We all think of thanksgiving is a day to remember family and friends. Please take the time to remember those that don’t have what you do.

There are those who are working and not able to afford the roofs over their head so they are on the street homeless. There are those with mental health challenges that aren’t getting the help that they need and  are sitting in the county jail for nothing more than needing their medications. The people who are serving in the line of danger, they choose to make the sacrifice so we can have a safe home.

Being overseas with the Military is hard, when you are used to being with family and friends and this is the first one away then it is harder than most can understand.

When people are at home watching football, remember that there are those that are willing to work and work hard for you to have the ability to watch the game. Take time to say thank you for them and keep them in your minds when you are having a nice dinner.


What do you say “Thank you” for on Thanksgiving Day? Do you spend some time with your family and friends? Why do we celebrate the day when the original meaning has been lost so long a go.

I know that people are in need and I always try to remember that there are those who are challenged in this time of year. I am the person who is wishing that those who have extra share with someone who is less fortune than themselves. My ultimate dream would be one that is a strange one: I would like for those who have a little bit more to share without wanting something in return. To give for the sake of giving, not to do it so other people can say that you did a good thing.

Its thought of that Thanksgiving  is an American holiday  but it doesn’t have to be. Just like it doesn’t have to be on Thursday… it can be every day if a person choose to open their hearts and give of themselves.

To those who I am truly thankful for are my parents, family  and those who are willing to work with me. A very special Thank you go to those who are in the service of this country. They are not forgotten and I hope that they are safe .


What if ….

image030_31Oberst Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg im Range eines Oberleutnants.


What if you could turn back time? What would want to see the most? Who would you meet? What would you prevent?

I know that people think if they could go back in time they would want to change something in their lives. But if you pull on one string how many others would it interact with? I know who I what I would love to do, see the planes go off the deck of the carrier in the Doolittle raid on Japan. I would love to see the way that the Mayan’s built their cities, how German people truly felt about what was going on in the camps. Would I try to influence them I don’t know.

I honestly believe that if one thing in the past was changed that this world would be different in many ways. If the German people had said no to the camps, there would have been more death and destruction. It is easy to see how. The people who tried to stop the war by destroying the head of the regime were killed.

I bring to the table the instants of Claus von Stauffenberg and the people who tried to use the Valkyrie plans to get rid of the head of the NSADP party. They were killed due to the fact that they were seen as traitors. People think of the name and think of Tom Cruise and the movie Valkyrie. The thing is that is a true story.

Count von Staffenberg and his family were of the German upper class. When he was killed his wife Nina was interrogated by the Gestapo to see what she knew. His kids were taken away and when she got them back she had to explain that even though the country thought he was a traitor he wasn’t. He was trying to save lives.

One thing that many don’t realize is during the aftermath of the Valkyrie attempt on Hitler’s life, Field Marshall Rommel was said to have been in on it. Whether he was or not is unknown to this day. He was given two choices, commit suicide or go in front of the ‘Peoples Court’. He knew that he would be found guilty in front of the court and his family would be destroyed so he took poison. There was a great show of his death, the favorite General dying due to the injuries he had gotten.

I would love to have been there to help arm the explosives for the attempt, even though it would have changed history. I would be thinking of the same thing that Count von Staffenberg was and that is how many lives can be saved.

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