Megalodon … Myth or Real?

Megalodon vs Great White

Do you think that Megalodon is real or fake? Why would people say that it is fake with the different things that show it otherwise? What would you think with different forms of proof that have been seen?

While people say the WWII photo could be faked, what about the tooth that was found and dated to be approx. 10 thousand years old? What could cause a whale to be bitten in the way the images show?  There is a person who work in the marine environment that says it was bitten to where the tail was removed in one bite.

The fact is that there is a term for things that have been thought to be extinct only to show up years later, it is called ‘Lazarus taxon’. There are things like the pigmy whale, the megamouth shark, or the  coelacanth. So why couldn’t Megalodon be one.


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