What is needed…

What is needed to make a country great? What about a community? Or a family? People have all sorts of ideas on how to make things great but how much is realistic? Why do some feel that people need to suffer to make it?

The first question is a challenge. The reason I say that is simple, you can’t please everyone. If you look at the people around you, what do you see; coworkers, managers, maybe the maintenance person doing their jobs, right? What you don’t see is people who have lots of money working for the betterment of others. People like Presidential hopeful Donald Trump don’t know what it is like to wonder if you are going to have enough to pay the bills, where to get the food your family needs or other basic items. People who feel that they are ‘better’ than someone due to the color of their skin – little fyi we are all basically the same there is very little genetic difference between a person of color or a white person.

So if we could take the color factor out, we still have people who want to run the country in a way that will help the few. There is a saying that the needs of the many out way the needs of the few or the one.

We need to start small, work with the family unit. It doesn’t mean that it has to be a man and woman, it needs to be two people who are responsible for the love and affection that the children need. The family needs to have enough funds to get good food (sorry but McDonalds doesn’t count), weather appropriate clothes, a good roof over their head and be able to make sure the child does well in school.

People who have challenges, they should be able to have the basic happiness that everyone else does without getting punished. My husband is one of those that is being punished for my trying to give him a better life. He was on SSI until I got a job that pays 13 an hour. Suddenly he gets a letter saying that due to the fact that I work, he looses his medical and the little bit of money he was getting. We have gone around and around with Social Security and they say that my gross income is too much. I make less than 2200 per month gross and that is too much. We don’t qualify for food assistance, again I make too much and if I didn’t have housing assistance we would be paying almost 1200 to live in an apartment that isn’t the best, while it isn’t the worst I have been in it isn’t the nicest.

So people feel that those who are challenged are trying to live off the system … I have heard it before, my question to them is when have they been in our shoes? When have they suffered in the ways we have and been able to keep their heads up. It doesn’t work that way, those that feel that way often have a silver spoon in their mouth.

So if a community could come together to help someone, and everyone helped not for glory but to help then that feeling would spread. Soon it would be more than a small community doing it, it would be a city, then a state and then the country could see how it could be great.


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