A Thank you to All Veterans

A true hero

I want to say thank you to all veterans that were willing to serve during the hardest times. The reason that I say this is that some of the most important people are willing to give all for their country. This was shown today when President Obama gave a young Captain the Metal Of Honor. The reason, he was willing to protect others by charging a person with a suicide bomb vest on. The Captain saved several lives on a foreign land, all to show that the American people do care.

The news showed it this morning when I woke up and it reminded me that there people who are willing to give all for this country. Now I understand that the people feel that we don’t belong in other countries but when you look around at the different things that are going on we need to be safe.

I am not saying that we need to create conflicts or have boots on the ground in every one that happens. The thing is that we need to say thank you to those who are here and helped this country.

To all the veterans I say ‘Thank you for your sacrifice … from a veteran’


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