Trying to write… and stuck

Ever have one of those things that you love to do? I love to write, mostly short stories and seem to get stuck repeatedly. I don’t know how many I have hit the delete button on but it has been a lot. My husband says they are all the same and I will never make any money with them so to stop wasting my time. He keeps telling me that the way I write isn’t good enough and that I need to study the classic writers.

I am not a classically trained writer. I do it for fun. I would love it if I could make money but I know that I am not that good. I don’t understand why I try so hard to make it fun and have to get shot down. I have all my life.

Yes some are a bit on the demented side but I can put the characters through something that I have been through and see how they go.

Any suggestions–please!


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