If you could…

leaves_homeIf you could do anything to make this country better what would you do? Would you go into politics? Create a wonder drug that could cure the worlds ills? Try to change the way the planet is looked at? What would you do?

I would want to things that would make people see the needs of the many will always outweigh the needs of single person. While we are single people if we worked together we could become more. If we took the people who run this country and made them learn what those on the lower end of pay scale go through how would they react? How would Mr. Trump act if he only had 2500 a month to live on, no credit cards, no bank loans and that he had to support a family on it? What about Mr. Bush, could he do it? Could anyone with a lot of money do it?

I would show them that people need to have a livable income. I am not able to make things work and trust me my husband and I don’t eat like royalty. We have to chose what we want and can do with out to make it.

I would try to show the   best medications are the ones that mother nature can give us. People say that ‘Pot’ is a gateway drug. There are cultures that have used it for years to help those with pain issues and other issues. I would try to show them that certain foods can help them feel better in more than one way.  It doesn’t have to come from a drug company to make you well.

What would you do?facts-about-healthy-food1



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