What if ….

image030_31Oberst Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg im Range eines Oberleutnants.


What if you could turn back time? What would want to see the most? Who would you meet? What would you prevent?

I know that people think if they could go back in time they would want to change something in their lives. But if you pull on one string how many others would it interact with? I know who I what I would love to do, see the planes go off the deck of the carrier in the Doolittle raid on Japan. I would love to see the way that the Mayan’s built their cities, how German people truly felt about what was going on in the camps. Would I try to influence them I don’t know.

I honestly believe that if one thing in the past was changed that this world would be different in many ways. If the German people had said no to the camps, there would have been more death and destruction. It is easy to see how. The people who tried to stop the war by destroying the head of the regime were killed.

I bring to the table the instants of Claus von Stauffenberg and the people who tried to use the Valkyrie plans to get rid of the head of the NSADP party. They were killed due to the fact that they were seen as traitors. People think of the name and think of Tom Cruise and the movie Valkyrie. The thing is that is a true story.

Count von Staffenberg and his family were of the German upper class. When he was killed his wife Nina was interrogated by the Gestapo to see what she knew. His kids were taken away and when she got them back she had to explain that even though the country thought he was a traitor he wasn’t. He was trying to save lives.

One thing that many don’t realize is during the aftermath of the Valkyrie attempt on Hitler’s life, Field Marshall Rommel was said to have been in on it. Whether he was or not is unknown to this day. He was given two choices, commit suicide or go in front of the ‘Peoples Court’. He knew that he would be found guilty in front of the court and his family would be destroyed so he took poison. There was a great show of his death, the favorite General dying due to the injuries he had gotten.

I would love to have been there to help arm the explosives for the attempt, even though it would have changed history. I would be thinking of the same thing that Count von Staffenberg was and that is how many lives can be saved.


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