Cold Outside

thanksgiving-day-2015-5thermometerOk it is cold outside, it was warmer when I got up this morning. I got up it 28 degrees outside and within two hours it was 26 and now it is an amazing 38 outside. I worry about those who aren’t able to be out of the cold this day. We all think of thanksgiving is a day to remember family and friends. Please take the time to remember those that don’t have what you do.

There are those who are working and not able to afford the roofs over their head so they are on the street homeless. There are those with mental health challenges that aren’t getting the help that they need and  are sitting in the county jail for nothing more than needing their medications. The people who are serving in the line of danger, they choose to make the sacrifice so we can have a safe home.

Being overseas with the Military is hard, when you are used to being with family and friends and this is the first one away then it is harder than most can understand.

When people are at home watching football, remember that there are those that are willing to work and work hard for you to have the ability to watch the game. Take time to say thank you for them and keep them in your minds when you are having a nice dinner.


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